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Sara Kays Shares Her Truth In ‘Picture Of You’

Sara Kays Shares Her Truth In ‘Picture Of You’

Sara Kays’ newest single, ‘Picture Of You,’ just dropped, and it’s the relatable comfort we needed. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sara has once again delivered on her cathartic story-telling with her latest single, and we at The Honey POP just had to write about it! It is beautifully painful, real, and therapeutic. Clearly, from her tweets, Sara was as excited for the release as we were. Yasss bestie, we stayed up with you!

‘Picture of You’ hit us right in the feels to a level we weren’t fully prepared for, and we’re not quite sure what we were expecting or what emotive topic Sara would be taking on and confronting in the track, but we knew it would be powerful. The track is an emotional rabbit hole of relatability; so much so that when we sat down to take in the new track we didn’t move for a good hour after. It sparked an inner monologue that we needed to process, and the ability to have that impact on us is a testament to Sara’s skill. Sara’s vocals give a youthful charm combined with an old soul, with the lyrically unapologetic reality of body image struggles.

“I wrote this song about not wanting to be in pictures all the time because I know I’m not going to like how I look in them. Sometimes I’d rather just keep a memory in my head.”

Sara Kays

Sara Kays’ unique story-telling ability sees her musically communicate her struggles with divorced parents, isolation, body image, and mental health. Her candid and, in our opinion, much-needed music faces up to her fears and often echoes our own and offers a musical relief to life challenges. A lyrical mirror to so many people’s lives, the heavily emotive lyrics of ‘Picture Of You’ offers a curious juxtaposition, with the airy vocal delivery. The song gets top marks from all of us here at The Honey POP.

“As a kid, I never had songs for what I was going through. I would search topics like ‘Body Image’ to find music, and nothing would come up on Google. So, I started writing about subjects that mean a lot to me. Most of my songs are about how it’s okay to be struggling because I haven’t really gotten out of it—but it does get better. We’re all in this struggle together, and it’s all good.”

Sara Kays

Sara has grown an incredible online community, through her 1.6+ million TikTok followers! Her approach to her fans is not just as fans, but as friends. The supportive and warm interactions Sara has with us day to day, mean we’re not just here for the music, we’re here for the person. Sara has gone from getting her first guitar at 12 years old and busking in restaurants, to now, as her first-ever official music video for ‘Remember That Night’ recently hit over 4 million individual views on YouTube. Sara Kays is putting her foot down in the industry and carving out an incredible career. We’re pretty confident this is only the start, and we can’t wait to come along for the journey!

Sara was recently celebrated in Billboard’s Emerging Artists Spotlight, and Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart, as she should be! Her songwriting is honest, her melodies are warm, and her passion is palpable. In fact, not only does Sara write all of her music, but she solo produces all of her work — we stan a self-sufficient queen. If that’s not serving up raw talent on a plate, we don’t know what is.

‘Picture Of You’ is grounding. It’s light yet dark, and airy yet full. And that’s no surprise when you learn that Sara’s musical taste, spans from Kasey Musgraves to Panic! At The Disco. Listening to the song, we feel like we’re hearing Sara singing from pages of her diary, and we are so here for that! What we’re saying, is we just really love it! It’s going straight on our driving playlist, and we can’t wait to get funny looks as we’re ugly crying and screaming it in the wrong key, with our windows down in traffic! We highly advise you to do the same!

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