The Avalanches Are Captivating Us Once Again

The Avalanches Are Captivating Us Once Again

The Avalanches have always been at the forefront of both plunder-phonics and future-funk. The music video for ‘We Go On’ is the only thing we need right now. Their latest album We Will Always Love You is our favorite release of theirs so far! Their unique approach to sampling has always been the group’s most significant appeal. Resulting in this album sparkling with the gleam of professionalism. It takes listeners on a journey that manages to keep a groovy somber tone throughout album. The album mixes in features from an eclectic mix of incredible artists, including Leon Bridges, Kurt Vile, and Denzel Curry. About midway through the album, our favorite song ‘We Go On’ is everything we love about The Avalanches.

Their new music video for ‘We Go On’ visually and aesthetically matches everything the song is. The experience of walking down city streets as neon signs light your path is exactly the vibe this track gives off. Resulting in an atmosphere that is lively and welcoming but also without warmth. However, the most creative part of the video is the lyrics. When the song comes full swing, the neon signs match up with the lyrics of the music. Which results in the most creative way to display lyrics we’ve seen! So, it just goes to show that The Avalanches are complete masters of the craft and know what they’re doing.


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