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Time To Ruin Your Make Up With Lola Young

Time To Ruin Your Make Up With Lola Young

Lola Young. Does the name sound familiar to you? You may have seen her opening for Liam Payne’s The LP show Act 3. It was incredible! We are super happy to know she has just released a new song this week, ‘Ruin My Make Up!’

Songs For A Broken Heart

Lola Young takes her inspiration from broken hearts in many of her songs. Exploring the dark sides of humanity ‘Ruin My Make Up’ is not an exception. It’s another ode to these messy relationships.

Lola Young
Image Source: Francis Plummer

The young south-Londoner starts the song with smooth, near-spoken-word intro bars. She captivates us in the first seconds with her charming and thick British accent. With just her and her guitar, Lola Young shines, showcasing her amazing talent.

The New Adele?

The piano enters in the middle of ‘Ruin My Make Up’ adding jazz elements, turning into a big crescendo. Lola Young plays with her voice so naturally going from alto tones to mezzo-soprano and stargazing high notes. On ‘Ruin My Make Up’ she shows the fragility of Amy Winehouse as well as the power of Adele. She’s the perfect artistic blend. Lola Young’s vocals are powerful but soft and emotional. She’s a true storyteller (she cites Joni Mitchell as one of her influences) and that’s what makes great songwriting skills.

The track’s chorus is infectious. “If I cry about you, about love, I’ll only ruin my makeup,” sings Lola with fierceness. Relationships are complicated. This song, however, is straight to the point.

Breakthrough Artist

London’s Lola Young
Image Source: Joe Perri Photography

Lola Young has been writing songs since she was 11 years old and still amazes us in many ways. Her powerful and versatile vocals gained the attention of many record producers. She’s a hard worker and made ‘Six Feet Under’ in 2019 with Al Shux who previously worked with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z just to namedrop a few.

For ‘Ruin My Make Up’ she teamed up with Manuka and Paul Epworth. Their experience benefits the whole instrumentation of Lola Young’s new composition. He brings that dreamy and melancholic but bold and anthemic texture that genuinely suits the young songstress. Did he bring to us the new Florence and The Machine? Who knows?

‘Ruin My Make Up’ is available to listen to or buy here. Are you crying a river after listening to the song? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or write to us on Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: Joe Perri Photography

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