Yungblud The Extraterrestrial? Discover ‘Life On Mars!’

Yungblud The Extraterrestrial? Discover ‘Life On Mars!’

Yungblud is that multi-versatile artist that can do everything. Everything! It’s a no-brainer! Today, he released a wonderful classic cover. Is Yungblud becoming the new David Bowie? Let’s hear it on ‘Life On Mars.’

Space Dream

It’s a dream coming true for Dominic Harrison. In all his splendor, the singer declares: “I’m doing a merch drop with NASA and being allowed to release a cover of my favorite song by my favorite artist. Someone f*cking pinch me.” David Bowie is a legend and Yungblud is working on becoming one too!

Image source: Tenor GIFS

Star-Studded Performance!

Yungblud performed the ‘Life On Mars’ cover on A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day! special event. Alongside Anna Calvi, Peter Frampton, Duran Duran, and many other musicians, the Doncaster darling gives us big chills. As always! Looking up to the sky, he sang his heart out, to us- his little weirdos. Pure magic! You can watch the performance here.

Your Martian Fashion Fix

Want to represent your colors? Yungblud just dropped some exciting items on his official store. Inspired by Mars Perseverance Rover Mission, you can float in space with a cool windbreaker, fluorescent socks, and Martian t-shirts and hoodies. Guess it will be sold out fast, so hurry up if you fancy some items!

David Bowie’s legacy is still alive. From the androgynous and artistical number one UK album Weird to this starstruck cover from 1971’s Hunky Dory album, Yungblud is an artist with plenty of audacity. A visionary! Listen, view, or download the ‘Life On Mars’ cover here.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Interscope Records

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