The Clockworks hit like a storm with ‘Feels So Real’

The Clockworks hit like a storm with ‘Feels So Real’

Ready to meet the new indie sensation? The Clockworks is the new soundtrack of your life. From their Irish roots of Galway moving to the big streets of London. This week, discover their new fabulous track ‘Feel So Real.’

Rocking Dose of Energy

Are your days dull? Need a boost for your mind? ‘Feel So Real’ is that tune that will do so! Dirty guitars, urgent and fast pace riffs fill our rocking needs. It’s no wonder why the legendary Alan McGee signed them to his Creation23 label back in 2019. With their jamming sounds from the past to the modern indie touch, The Clockworks brings a solid energy level.

The clockworks
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A Tale in The City

Miss the crowded street? Miss the buzzing nightlife? The Clockworks encapsulate pre-pandemic memories in a 3-minute anthem. ”Feel So Real” depicts the good, the bad, and the ugly of London’s big metropolis. Produced by Michael Rendall, whose previous work counts the likes of Jesus And Mary Chain, Shed 7, Black Grape, and many more original Creation label legends, the song tells the vibrant scenes’ nuances and the urban issues.

Tripping over bottles, laughing on the park bench, sirens whining, finding love, it’s part of history on this now locked-down town. But hopefully, normalcy will come back soon, and we can enjoy these little bits of realness and more. The Clockwork’s vibrant soundscape shines with excitement. Powerful drums bangs in the air, guitars flowing with raw energy. It’s purely addictive!

Listen to The Clockworks ‘Feel So Real’ here:

Want more good news? The Clockworks are embarking on a hell of a tour with another amazing band Inhaler. Check the UK December tour dates here and grab your ticket if you want to enjoy a good pint and having the time of your life! Rock’n’roll is still alive!

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