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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan…FAKY

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan…FAKY

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FAKY is the newest girl group to come out from Japan. With five members from a diverse cultural background, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have these girls on your radar. As they’ve worked with big-name choreographers and established their mark in Japan, the girls are coming to take over the world and we’re ready for it. If you don’t know FAKY, you have us to help you! We’re completely ready to give you the breakdown and the five reasons why you should stan FAKY.

Their Music 

FAKY has a diverse music style. Never committing to one genre, the girls explore their sound constantly. Do you know what that means? None of their songs will ever sound the same and every single is a fresh new take on who they are. Recently, the girls came out with their second single of 2021 called, ‘99.’ It’s the OST for the popular Japanese drama Rika: Reverse and is an instant bop. The upbeat beats with the lyrics filled with love and passion help us have an idea of what the drama will entail. Actually, we can’t wait to get our hands on the drama, but we have to wait for English subtitles (sigh). While promoting their collaboration with Adidas, the girls were able to perform ‘99’ and we’re in love.

Lil’ Fang, the leader of FAKY, had some words to say about the new single. “The numbers in the title of the song represent the frustration and sadness that just can’t be satisfied. It feels like something is missing but you don’t know what it is. I hope that people who have never known FAKY will know our music because of this song,” she says. And yes, Lil’ Fang, we think this is the single that will help get people to know who FAKY is.

You can stream ‘99’ here. If you want to listen to more FAKY, you can click here

Their Style

Talking about their collaboration with Adidas, these girls have some series style. With their street fashion style mixed in with the Japanese fashion subculture, FAKY never has a missed outfit. Even when they did a 90s inspired song, ‘The Light,’ the fits were matched perfectly. Honestly, we can see why Japan is so obsessed with the groups’ image. There isn’t a fashion style that they’ve done that they missed the mark. In addition to their recent collaboration with Adidas, FAKY also launched a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand A’ Gem Nine. 

Their Name

Believe it or not, FAKY is an acronym. It stands for Five Ass-Kicking Youngsters in addition to the name being a combination of the words fantastic and Tokyo. Who wouldn’t want to stand a band with that kind of name behind it? In an interview from 2014, FAKY also said that the band name was originally from the English word fake to challenge themselves to bring something fresh, new, and real to the music scene in Japan.

Honestly, they’ve done a good job at it. Girl groups of their caliber are not common in Japan and they’re showing that it’s possible to be such a powerful international group every day. Can you just not fall in love with them? 

Their Impact

FAKY has been on the rise in Japan since their debut in 2013. They’ve sung closing songs for hit animes such as Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue and Black Clover. In addition to singing to OST for Rika: Reverse, they’ve also sung the OST for the hit drama Anataniwa Watasanai. 

Their impact has caught the attention of many, even choreography group Quick Style, who have choreographed songs such as ‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS and ‘Kick It’ by NCT 127. Due to their appeal, Quick Style ended up choreographing their single, ‘The Light’ which challenges self-love and growth as the girls battle with their innerself. It’s a thought-provoking track filled with confidence and eye-catching moves. It’s amazing to see how much of an impact FAKY has had within their career. Their global appeal alongside their bouncy tracks creates an ever-growing presence that will certainly get them to chart. 

Featured Image Source: Resonance Media

Their Diversity

FAKY is the epitome of diversity. With their diverse personalities, there’s never a dull moment with them. In addition to this, the members’ backgrounds are also diverse. Akina is half-Japanese and half-America while Taki is half-Japanese and half-Filipino. With diverse backgrounds, a diverse range of vocals in attention to their diverse personalities that complement one another, FAKY is a band that everyone can relate to.

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As the girl group continues to expand within the global market, we’re excited to see how the promotions will play out. We’re hoping for a tour or a virtual concert soon that’ll help them reach audiences beyond reach. 

Have we captivated you? Are you already a fan of FAKY? If so, tell us more! Comment your thoughts down below, or start a conversation with us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP!


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Featured Image Source: Gramophone Media

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  • Great article! Glad to see that other’s a really picking up on FAKY! I’m really lucky I was able to catch them live back in 2019.

    One tiny thing, is that in the last paragraph you wrote ‘Aiko’ instead of Akina.

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