HYUKOH Hangs Out in Their Natural Habitat

HYUKOH Hangs Out in Their Natural Habitat

Fancy some marvelous new sounds? Korea’s HYUKOH is there to feed you with great sound experiments! The band announced HYUKOH 2021 ONLINE WORLD TOUR [through love] live stream which will take place this weekend on March 27th and March 28th.

Across the universe

The music that has been coming out from South Korea has been unleashing talented gems to a new audience. HYUKOH is one of these bands that keeps growing interest across the whole planet, especially on the independent scene. Representing their country in such big festivals as Coachella or Belgium’s Pukkelpop bringing their edgy creativity to brand new fans.

Image Source: Dasom Han

Into their true nature

HYUKOH distinguishes themselves with style. They play with the melodies, exploring psychedelic tones while mixing them with restful pop aesthetic. What can we expect from HYUKOH on this upcoming live stream? Mystery? Dreamy vibes? Probably so, with the beautiful landscape and cinematography that the pre-recorded film captured. Sweet experimental pop bites will float inside some gorgeous forest, the band bewitching sounds chilling around wherever you are in the world. Any takers?

Korean indie band
Image source: Dasom Han

Very fashionable

What’s in the closet of HYUKOH? Just like Rosé with Moschino or BTS with sports brand FILA, the indie band sets the trends and influences the young generation from their various fashion alliances with the biggest designers of the world. And if you are curious, watch the live stream! HYUKOH will unveil specially designed outfits by OFF-WHITE. Fashion and music make the simple equation, one plus one equals two!

We can’t wait for the show! Artistic you say? Of course! Unlike usual live streams, the scenery will be so original and exciting way to discover new sounds. And why not listening to HYOKOH’s mesmerising album adventure first? We invite you to listen to ‘Hey Sun’ from [through love] album here.

This music made you melt? Discover it live and get your weekend tickets here. Feel free to let us know what you think about this new k-indie sensation on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram.


Thirsty for new melodies like HYUKOH is giving us? We got you covered!

Featured image source: Frank Lebon

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