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These Kelsea Ballerini Songs Are A *Must* To Add To Your Playlist

These Kelsea Ballerini Songs Are A *Must* To Add To Your Playlist

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It’s no question that Kelsea Ballerini is one of the fastest rising stars in country music. She is this new fresh female face that has been straight up killing it ever since she broke onto the scene with her single ‘Love Me Like You Mean It.’ She has captured the hearts of fans with how honest she’s been in her music and the way she’s been such a force in the industry. Like so many of you, we are huge Kelsea Ballerini fans. We feel like we have to break down a few of her best songs that your playlist will benefit from adding. In true Kelsea fashion (if you’re of legal age) crack open a bottle of wine, and let’s jam out!


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This track comes from Kelsea Ballerini’s debut album The First Time, and when we say it’s the perfect breakup song, we mean it. The wordplay with ‘Xo’ and ‘Ex Oh’ is just pure genius. While some of Kelsea’s newer music could be categorized as pop-country this is pure country. She’s got the strong twang, and the feel of the track just makes you want to be with your girlfriends screaming the words. It’s an anthem.

‘Peter Pan’

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This whole track is just Kelsea Ballerini finding the classiest way to tell this man he’s beyond immature. We are in love with all the Peter Pan references, genius metaphors. The line “Every piece and part of me wanted to believe in you” always gets us because it’s so heartbreaking. This song is a perfect example of that classic country music storytelling genius trope.

‘Yeah Boy’

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We will never be over the line, “Your eyes could make the moon jealous.” It’s so utterly adorable. This track gives us major Taylor Swift debut vibes. Which makes perfect sense considering Taylor was one of Kelsea’s biggest inspirations. Everything from the video to the music itself is just a good time and a complete love fest.

‘Miss Me More’

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This is the kind of empowering country anthem we all need. It’s all about finding yourself after a breakup. It’s a song we listen to at full blast always, and it’s the ultimate pick me up. We can’t get over the empowerment Kelsea Ballerini makes us feel while listening to this track. This is your sign to drop toxic people, and find yourself!

‘Get Over Yourself’

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BRB sending this to all of our exes. This is the ultimate song all about moving on. There comes a point where you genuinely just don’t think about that person anymore, and this song is the representation of reaching that point. We are ready for hot girl summer after feeling this wave of clarity about past relationships.

‘I Hate Love Songs’

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If we were represented in a song, it would be this one. It’s saying how much Kelsea hates all the tropes that go along with the cheesiest love-related media. We will have to talk to her about the part where she says she hates Gosling though… we are very much not in line with that stance. This is radiating ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles vibes.

‘homecoming queen?’

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This song always makes us emotional. The line “Even the homecoming queen cries” breaks us. It’s so easy to look at someone with everything “together” and make judgments, but you never know what someone is struggling with, and it costs zero dollars to just be a nice person. Make life a little less bad for those around you who may be silently struggling.

‘hole in the bottle’

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We would never turn down a good drinking song! Especially after this last year, it has certainly felt like there’s been a ‘hole in the bottle.’ We have been basting this song since its release, and now it’s your turn! We promise this will be an incredible addition to any playlist, especially to a pre-game playlist. And that music video? Kelsea Ballerini took it to the next level.

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