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5 Songs By Gracie Abrams That Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By Gracie Abrams That Your Playlist Needs

Gracie Abrams is a rising singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. At just 21 years old, Gracie has become extremely successful after the release of her recent EP, minor. Gracie’s interest in the music career started when she was just eight years old after writing her first song, and progressed into more serious, heartfelt songs when she got older – writing songs from diary entries in her teenage journal.

After the release of her first two singles in 2019, Gracie welcomed us into her thoughts and feelings with the release of her first-ever EP, minor, in July 2020 under Interscope Records. The EP was a huge success and led to her planning a tour with shows all over the world – London, Paris, New York, etc. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these tour dates had to be rescheduled and instead of taking to the stage, Gracie instead took to her childhood bedroom, performing photo-booth recordings of her new songs. If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to her music, get ready to hear our top five picks that your current playlist is missing!


‘minor’ is the title track from Gracie’s recent EP, which showcases her delicate vocals and songwriting talent. The whole EP takes the listener through a journey of love and heartbreak, but this song, specifically, sounds like how it feels to long for somebody that you know you just can’t have right now. For anybody that’s experienced similar feelings to this, this is the perfect song to scream at the top of your lungs and let all of those emotions out – nobody’s judging!


‘Friend’ is the nostalgic, vulnerable track that opens the EP. The song sounds like a direct letter to somebody from Gracie’s past, dealing with the way it feels when somebody you love gets into a new relationship. We just know that anybody that’s been through a breakup will relate to this song – wanting to ‘stay friends’ but knowing that it’s impossible when it’s still so fresh. This is the perfect opener to the EP, enticing the listener straight away with the beautiful vocals. 


’21’ is the first Gracie song we discovered, and we fell in love instantly. This song is the perfect ending to a coming of age movie. Picture this, a group of teenagers driving through a lit-up tunnel with their hands in the air as the credits start rolling. This song describes that feeling perfectly. If you’re looking for an excuse to pretend you’re the main character, here it is.

‘I miss you, I’m sorry’

Similar to ‘Friend,’ this song is a vulnerable reflection on a past relationship. Gracie sings about the pain of wanting to leave someone to move on, but being too afraid because everything leads back to that one person. The first few lines of the song are direct questions to somebody from the past- asking them if they still remember how it felt to be happy together. This just shows how raw and open Gracie was when writing this track. This song is Gracie’s most popular song on Spotify – surpassing over 39 million streams since its release back in July.

‘Brush Fire’

Finally, ‘Brush Fire’ is Gracie’s most recent single. Gracie has described the song as the perfect ending of this chapter of her music – a book-ending to minor, released just in time for a new era. ‘Brush Fire’ is made up of delicate vocals and beautifully-played piano. The song tells the story of how hard it is to walk away from somebody when they know exactly what to say – their words hitting “like a hard rain in LA.” 

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Even if you listen to just one Gracie Abrams song, you’ll fall just as in love with her talent as we did. If you do check her out, let us know your favorite song in the comments below, or tell us over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Gracie Abrams (Dania Maxwell)

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