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‘El Amor de Mi Vida’ Rounds Out CNCO’s Déjà Vu Music Videos, Here Are Some Of Our Favorites!

‘El Amor de Mi Vida’ Rounds Out CNCO’s Déjà Vu Music Videos, Here Are Some Of Our Favorites!

Doesn’t the release of the first single off of CNCO’s Déjà Vu seem like a lifetime ago? It feels like it was just yesterday that ‘Tan Enamorados’ dropped, and we learned all about the new album, which you need to stream btw. Time really does fly. It’s been a few months since then, and it’s led us all the way up to the music video for ‘El Amor de Mi Vida,’ completing the list of album visuals released in the Déjà Vu era.

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How gorgeous are the visuals in this video? Even though it’s in black and white, it captures the vibe of the song incredibly adequately. We love all the shots of the band in the water, with birds flying overhead. It fits the dreamy, romantic vibe that surrounds the track. You can imagine being serenaded on a beach with this song. It helps that CNCO looks 🔥 , but we feel that that’s the case for every single video, hehe.

‘El Amor de Mi Vida’

If you’ve been following the Déjà Vu era, you probably have a few favorite videos in mind already! In addition to ‘El Amor de Mi Vida,’ we have a couple of other videos from this era that we love. Take a look at our list and see if we matched up!

‘Dejaría Todo’

The visuals on this track may be a little simpler in comparison to some of the other videos, but it still makes our list! That’s because the image of the band sitting together and singing this track, about doing anything to make someone stay, captures the emotions behind this song perfectly. It’s a fantastic, up-close look at the passion CNCO puts into this song. If someone sang this track to us like this, well, we just might end up staying! Hence, it makes the list as one of our favorites!

‘Un Beso’

Not only is this track a fan favorite, but it’s one of ours too! ‘Un Beso’ really ups the ante from the previous video on this list. The band moves from sitting on stools to vibing out onstage, and the colors? Oof. The scheme of the lights and the outfits add to this aesthetic which we’re 100% here for. We can only imagine how well this setup might translate into a live performance because seeing these outfits and this lighting live and in person will make the ‘Un Beso’ experience extra amazing! Speaking of live performances, have you heard about CNCO’s upcoming digital event on May 14th? You can still get tickets if you don’t have them yet!

‘Por Amarté Así ‘

This track’s video is similar in color scheme to ‘El Amor de Mi Vida.’ Sure, it’s not entirely black and white, but it’s almost there. CNCO’s outfits provide the pop of color in contrast to the more neutral gray background, which is a lot of fun. Funnily enough, ‘El Amor de Mi Vida’ takes place in and around the ocean, but ‘Por Amarte Así’ actually compares the girl in question to the sea while being set in the woods. It’s a fun little opposite we picked up on and just had to share. It’s easy to see why this track is so popular. The song’s emotions are pretty relatable, and a music video as gorgeous as this one is totally a plus.

Also we would just like to say that we were right and CNCO looks totally 🔥 in every single one of these videos thank you.

El Amor de Mi Vida
Image Source: Jos Alavez

So how did we do with our list? Did we hit all your faves or are we missing one that should’ve made it? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us over @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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