Queen The Greatest Started Off Strong (And From The Beginning)

Queen The Greatest Started Off Strong (And From The Beginning)

while ago, we talked about the latest project coming to Queen’s YouTube channel: Queen The Greatest. The series of short videos will run for 50 weeks and give viewers a little more information on the iconic band’s history. Episode 1 dropped on March 19th and focused on Queen’s first big hit: ‘Keep Yourself Alive.’

‘Keep Yourself Alive’ was written by guitarist Brian May and recorded in 1971 as part of Queen’s first demo. It would later become the first song, on the first side, on the first album they ever released, Queen. The song was also constantly on the band’s setlist for any show since the moment they got together because of how much fans love it.

If this first episode was any indication of the next 49, Queen fans are indeed in for a treat with Queen The Greatest. And we’re especially looking forward to hearing more of the stories behind songs, performances, and music videos. And the little bits of interviews from band members are pretty cool too!

Have you watched Queen The Greatest yet? What song are most looking forward to hearing about? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also chat with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: Xavier Vila via Queen’s Official Instagram page

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