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These Debut Albums Are The Blueprint For How To Kick Off A Music Career

These Debut Albums Are The Blueprint For How To Kick Off A Music Career

Debut albums set the stage for what the rest of your career is going to look like. Having a good debut album is crucial to measure how seriously you’ll be taken right off the bat in the industry. These albums we’re about to talk about are the absolute best. They set these artists up with solid fan bases that have proven to stand the test of time.

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Katy Perry – One Of The Boys

Katy Perry has become one of the main pop girls. She’s a megastar and sells out arenas constantly. Her debut album One Of The Boys set the course perfectly for her long-lasting career in pop music. The album included smash hits like ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and ‘Hot N Cold.’ Those two songs are still celebrated as pop excellence and still some of her most popular hits. Everyone knows ‘I Kissed A Girl’ is a staple. We wouldn’t have albums like Teenage Dream which is highly reserved as one of the best pop albums of all time if Katy’s debut album hadn’t gone the way it did.

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Amiture – The Beach

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Amiture is sure to become one of your favorite artists after checking out his debut album, The Beach. This album is brand new, but it’s everything a first album should be. It sounds very 80’s infused, and we haven’t been able to turn it off. We know that when Amiture finds his audience, he’s going to take off. There’s such an open market for artists that make music that sounds as timeless as this album. We can picture so many of these tracks in soundtracks from our favorite 80s/90s movies. It’s a niche genre that no one is really capitalizing off right now, at least until Amiture! We can’t wait to see the response to this stellar body of work! 

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Lady Gaga – The Fame

Lady Gaga is arguably one of the most well-known names in pop culture. That is largely thanks to the immense success of her debut album The Fame. This album is just hit after hit after hit. You have ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Love Game,’ ‘Paparrazi,’ and ‘Poker Face’ all one right after the other on the tracklist. Come on! How does a track listing get better than that? Simple answer. It doesn’t! Since this album, Lady Gaga has gone on to win every award possible and star in A Star Is Born as well as sell-out stadiums for her music constantly. She even did a Vegas residency! All of this comes back to the fact that her debut album was stellar. Truly one of the greatest first projects of all time.

NCT U – The 7th Sense
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NCT is possibly one of the hottest groups currently in K-Pop. They are a large group that also makes music in different break-off or sub-groups like NCT 127, NCT U and, NCT DREAM, and WayV. With the group having so many members there truly is someone for everyone to find and connect to. Their debut album set the tone for the career they would have. Since the release of their first record, they have gathered quite a large following that has supported all of them in every endeavor. It’s so beautiful to see the way these fans support this group.

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Zayn – Mind Of Mine

Now Zayn obviously had a little advantage with a debut album since he was in the biggest boy band in the world. However, the music you’ll find on Mind Of Mine is miles away from anything you’d find on a One Direction album. This album is still one of the best albums to put on and just vibe to. It’s moody and chill and perfectly captures how beautiful Zayn’s voice is. The album features ‘Pillowtalk’ which is Zayn’s biggest song to date. It shows the maturity Zayn wants to express through music. Mind Of Mine helped Zayn establish a fanbase of his own, both involving fans from the 1D days and fans that found him through his solo work. Since this album, he’s continued to release music that is true to him and just as much of a vibe.

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Wallows – Nothing Happens

Wallows have quickly become one of our favorite bands. Prior to Nothing Happens they had released a few tracks and had toured at some clubs and bars to small crowds. The vibes were incredible but as we were in the crowd we couldn’t help but think about how we needed everyone we knew to become fans of these guys, so they could blow up as they deserved to. Then they released their debut album. The tour that followed had much bigger concert venues, which quickly sold out. As we were all packed in like sardines, which is the best environment to see Wallows in. The success of the lead single ‘Are U Bored Yet?’ was crazy and has catapulted this group to the fame we’d hoped for them.

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Harry Styles – Harry Styles

This is one of the debut albums we still listen to weekly. It’s just too good. We knew that Harry wouldn’t let us down when he announced solo music and wow we were right. We got ‘Carolina,’ ‘Kiwi,’ and ‘Two Ghosts’ all on the same record. Unreal. This true Rock ‘N Roll feel to this record made the music industry take notice. Harry was no longer looked at as a former boy band member and begun to be taken seriously by the industry. All of this came to a big full circle moment when on March 14th Harry took home his first Grammy award.

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Bleachers – Strange Desire

The debut album is just wow! It’s pure serotonin and consists of some of the happiest songs of all time. It’s no secret that Jack Antonoff is a genius so of course, any project with him at the wheel is going to be next level. The record included the song ‘I Wanna Get Better’ which blew up. It’s a track that has such a big feel to it and is just the best vibes. Bleachers have gained quite the following of people that just really connect with this music. It’s a beautiful fan to artist relationship that continues to blossom. We can’t wait to stream it while on a summer road trip, it’s simply the perfect soundtrack.

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Ashton Irwin – Superbloom

During this confusing time, we’ve all been looking for ways to stay creatively fulfilled. For Ashton Irwin that came in the form of releasing his solo debut album. Ashton, for those who aren’t familiar, is a part of the well-known band 5SOS. He’s a multidimensional artist that blows us away constantly. This debut project was a look into Ashton’s soul. A stand-out track from the record for us is ‘Greyhound,’ what a stellar track. We hope that solo music is something Ashton explores again in the future. Getting to see so much of what makes him the incredible artist we know him to be, has just been the best.

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BTS – 2 Cool 4 Skool

It’s crazy to think that we’ve had BTS music in our lives for 8 years! Their debut mini-album 2 Cool 4 Skool came out in 2013 and from there it’s just been a whirlwind. They are some of the most famous musicians on the planet right now and rightfully so. From performing on the GRAMMYs to their fans proving how hard they ride for them, BTS is living the dream. Even at the beginning of their career, their music was as good as it continues to be. And the music just continues to connect with more and more fans every day. It’s a beautiful thing to see unfold. We can only hope as time progresses that the industry catches up and starts taking them as seriously as we do.

Little Mix – DNA
Image Source: Little Mix via Twitter

When we think of ultimate girl groups and girl power we think of Little Mix. They certainly have become a favorite of ours over the last several years. These girls came out of the gate heavy with DNA. It was this incredible debut album full of empowering songs like ‘Wings’ that blew up. It locked down a fan base for the girls that have followed them through so much. It’s rare to come by a fan base that is as ride or die as mixers. We are fully ready for the next Little Mix era we need more anthems in our life ASAP.

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