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These Songs Have Completely Blown Up Thanks To TikTok

These Songs Have Completely Blown Up Thanks To TikTok

TikTok has brought so much into our lives over the last year or so. It’s provided comfort and introduced us to many songs and artists that have earned a permanent place on our playlists. We are hoping the trend of songs going crazy viral on TikTok doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon.

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JESSIA – ‘I’m Not Pretty’

This song is like ripping a page out of our diary. Having body image issues is such a struggle and constantly having people invalidate those struggles can be exhausting. This song proves that JESSIA gets it. She gets that body confidence is a rollercoaster and can be a messy place to get to and that it’s okay not to feel 100% all the time. We are going to turn this song up to max volume and just scream these words. Seeing a piece with this message go viral on TikTok is lovely.

Yung Gravy – ‘Oops!’

We have not been able to turn off this song ever since hearing it on TikTok. It’s so catchy and just makes us want to dance. We can’t believe we haven’t been able to dance to this at a crowded bar; it’s almost criminal. Yung Gravy is a complete dreamboat, and we are so happy this song has launched him into the spotlight. Also, yes, we will be doing the dance to this song forever.

George Ezra – ‘Shotgun’

This song is pure sunshine. We could tell immediately that George Ezra will voice so many of our upcoming summer rendezvous. It’s the all-time best driving song for road trips with friends, and we can’t thank TikTok enough for introducing the world to this masterpiece. It’s about time everyone catches up to what we’ve always known. George Ezra is the real deal.

Claire Rosinkranz – ‘Backyard Boy’

This track screams ‘cottage core’. It’s so whimsical and bright, and we think that’s why it went viral on TikTok. You honestly couldn’t open the app over the summer without Claire’s voice coming through our speakers. But of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have made this song a staple on all of our summer playlists.

Ryn Weaver – ‘Pierre’

We can’t express our gratitude enough to TikTok for introducing us to this track. This has quickly become an all-time favorite track of ours. It’s on repeat 24/7 and brings all the right vibes. If there were a song that was the soundtrack to someone traveling the world and falling in love, it would be this song. We can’t help but dance around and smile while hearing it.

Olivia O’Brien – ‘Josslyn’

You guys know by now how much we love Olivia O’Brien. She’s a long-time favorite of ours, and seeing her explode on TikTok with ‘Josslyn’ was just a beautiful thing to witness. This song is the ultimate petty revenge song. We are 100% behind this energy and hope to live up to it someday. We may not have lost a man to a woman name Josslyn, but we sure will scream the lyrics as we have!

Saweetie – ‘Tap In’

If there’s one thing, TikTok will always come through with its pregame songs. That’s where ‘Tap In‘ comes in. This track gets you hype automatically. You are the baddest out there for the two minutes and eighteen seconds the track is on. And the dance to go along with it? Sickening! Everyone was killing it left and right.

Jack Harlow – ‘WHATS POPPIN’

It’s no surprise this song made our list. We are still hearing this track on TikTok constantly. We can’t imagine a single person who uses the app that hasn’t listened to this one. It’s such a solid track and launched Jack Harlow’s career, and we have to thank god for that. And the remix? Unreal. Jack never misses.

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Conan Gray – ‘Maniac’

Now we will be honest some of the videos did scar us permanently. However, everything Conan touches is pure gold. This track is the perfect example of why Conan Gray is a superstar. The fact that it went viral on TikTok makes so much sense. It’s so catchy and definitely needs to be played while driving alone at night with the windows down. That’s the mood, we promise.

Millie B – ‘M to the B’

We still aren’t over this iconic feud between Millie and Soph and all the jams it gave us like ‘Mash Up’ and ‘M to the B.’ Truly one of TikTok’s most significant contributions. We are still bouncing our heads every time we hear this track. It’s the most catchy petty track, and we just simply love it. We need more music added to this mix from both ladies.

Did we include your favorite viral TikTok track? We must have! Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image: Jazmin Williams for The Honey Pop

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