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All Time Low Proves That Songs Like This Only Come ‘Once In A Lifetime’

All Time Low Proves That Songs Like This Only Come ‘Once In A Lifetime’

It’s been nearly a year since All Time Low dropped Wake Up, Sunshine, gracing us with the perfect summer album. Although COVID-19 prevented us from getting to hear the new album live, the band made sure to deliver plenty of content to hold us over until concerts come back. We got a new version of ‘Monsters’ ft. Demi Lovato and the Basement Noise Concert Series. Their latest track ‘Once In A Lifetime’ just dropped, after a week of the band teasing it on their socials and it is, in a word, perfect.

All Time Low is known for their unique sound and phenomenal lyrics. ‘Once In A Lifetime’ has a Wake Up, Sunshine-esque feel to it, while still being a song in a category of its own. At first glance, it might seem like it’s describing a relationship.

Try to forget you
Gotta pretend to
I hope a heart only breaks this bad
Once in a lifetime

These lyrics certainly fit the bill of a relationship right? Prior to the premiere of the video, the band took to Youtube for a live stream to chat about the song. Alex Gaskarth said that ‘Once In A Lifetime’ runs deeper than just a relationship. He mentioned that the song came from personal places for him and Jack Barakat, who co-wrote the track. It’s about their experiences with loss and realizing that you can pull yourself out of a situation where you don’t think you can feel worse than you already do. It just so happens that this song lined up with everything going on in the world, being relatable to well…everyone due to the loss of normalcy we all faced. There’s a lot more emotion to the track than you think! Also, name-dropping themselves in a song is absolutely iconic.

‘Once In A Lifetime’

The music video is full of fun little details that make the experience of this song even better. The shots and pictures of the band all together slipped in between the shots of the video’s friend group make for a fun storytelling experience. The transition from day to night and the color scheme is so visually pleasing as well. ‘Once In A Lifetime’ isn’t a Wake Up, Sunshine song per se, but it’s one of our favorites from this era.

Honestly, one of the biggest things we’re thinking about with this song is how well it’s going to translate into a live performance. We’re not the only ones who hear it right? Screaming “til I hit an all time low” in a crowd full of people at a concert is going to hit different. We’re just counting down the days until then. Speaking of which, there’s a few other tracks from this era that are, in our opinion, going to absolutely slap as part of a setlist.


Picture this for a minute, ‘Clumsy’ transitioning into ‘Once In A Lifetime’? Yes? Yes. This track has such a classic All Time Low feel to it. It’s definitely one of the best tracks on Wake Up, Sunshine. We can just feel how hard it’s gonna hit live in our bones. We’re manifesting its appearance on a future setlist for sure.


So, the vocals from All Time Low never miss obviously, and the vocals on this track are fantastic. It’s such a beautiful song from the vocals to the lyrics and the message. We just know it would be an amazing track to hear live. The crowd would certainly be in their feels and we would like to be there to experience it.

‘Wake Up, Sunshine’

We can’t mention a WUS era setlist without the title track itself! This song is so upbeat, so positive, and feels like sunshine all around. It would definitely be a fantastic inclusion into a setlist because who doesn’t love an instant serotonin boost?

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We have to include ‘Basement Noise’ as an honorable mention. It got a whole concert series named after it and it’s just a wholesome track about how far these guys have come <3 Who doesn’t wanna cry about All Time Low while listening to All Time Low?

Go show ‘Once In A Lifetime’ some love, the track is available to stream here! And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the track in the comments below or by hitting us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


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