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Breaking Down Some Of P!nk’s Best Songs Ahead Of Her Amazon Special

Breaking Down Some Of P!nk’s Best Songs Ahead Of Her Amazon Special

P!nk fans rejoice! May 21st, we are getting P!nk: All I Know So Far on Amazon Music! This is going to be an in-depth look at her Beautiful Trauma World Tour that took place back in 2019. It will feature interviews and behind-the-scenes content, and we just simply can’t wait. P!nk’s work ethic and drive have always been some of our favorite things about her, so seeing all of that come to life will be incredible!

Ahead of the release of the Amazon special, we wanted to break down some of the music that has been ever-present in our lives from P!nk! She has such an incredible discography so breaking this down wasn’t easy, but somehow we managed!

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‘Get The Party Started’

We had to start this list by going way back to the beginning. This is one of the songs that catapulted P!nk into superstardom, and rightfully so. It’s the ultimate party song and can turn the mood around in a room real quick. Everyone knows this track, and it’s been the soundtrack to so many memorable nights. It was the start of P!nk’s streak of never missing.

‘Stupid Girls’

We have to say this is the top 3 all-time favorite P!nk songs. Come on, it’s pure perfection and such a staple sound for her. We would never skip this track if it came on shuffle no matter what kind of mood we were in, and that’s high praise. It gives all the early 2000 vibes we are looking for and gives us all the nostalgia. Music like this just doesn’t come around often.

‘Who Knew’

Yes, we had to do another song off I’m Not Dead. ‘Who Knew’ is a song that just reminds us of childhood. It’s the song that we blasted on our walkman while riding the bus to elementary school. It’s a bit less aggressive and more slowed down than the previous songs we’ve listed, but it’s still such a jam. P!nk’s vocals are at the forefront right where they belong.

‘Cuz I Can’

Okay, we promise this is the last track on the list from I’m Not Dead. It’s the most solid tracklist we can’t help it. We still find ourselves chanting ‘ice cream, ice cream we all want ice cream’ it’s muscle memory from this song at this point. This is just everything that has drawn us to P!nk all in one track. We simply are still not over how good it is 15 years later.

‘So What’

There was no way we were about to make a list of the best P!nk songs and not include the best. This song has transcended times and is still as good today as the day it was released. It’s the badass energy P!nk has always had, and we’ve always loved. We need to keep this energy with us at all times.

‘Please Don’t Leave Me’

This song just reminds us of The Glee Project, if you know, you know. It’s such a soft and beautiful plea of a song. It further proves that P!nk can make any kind of music she wants. Her lyrics, no matter the sound of the track, will always hit. We have cried to this song many times and probably won’t ever stop.


Singles are singles for a reason people! ‘Try’ is pure inspirational perfection. We truly felt like we could do anything after listening to this track. P!nk is well known for making music that makes you feel emotion intensely, and this song is the prime example. It is written so beautifully, and we remember it being played everywhere. It was huge and rightfully so.

‘Raise Your Glass’

She had to remind everyone who makes the best party songs. And she did just that. This track comes on, and everyone is instantly jumping up and down dancing with a drink in hand, it’s a mood booster. After this pandemic is through, we hope to hear this track a lot more frequently. It still hits eleven years later, and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon.


We still cry every time we hear this song. It’s so raw and honest and just makes you see self-worth. It’s a beautiful example of why P!nk has made such a huge impact on so many lives. Just writing about the importance of this song gets us choked up. Anytime you’re down, put this on and cry and remember you are perfect in someone’s eyes.

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‘Just Like Fire’

Disney and P!nk? Sign us up! This track was perfectly placed on the Alice Through The Looking Glass movie, and to us, it just all lines up. Alice and P!nk are both these badass women that are fiercely independent and strong, and we love this project. It captures all the right vibes to go so well with the movie and the score.

Are you going to get P!nk: All I Know So Far on Amazon Music? We would love to hear your thoughts! Did we include your favorite P!nk song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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