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Hannah Montana Turned 15, And Nostalgia Hit Us Hard!

Hannah Montana Turned 15, And Nostalgia Hit Us Hard!

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Ah 2006, those were much simpler times. Arguably part of Disney Channel’s golden era if you’re a Millennial or Gen Z kid. And in celebration of their most iconic series of all time, Hannah Montana, turning 15 years old, we invite you to look back on some iconic moments of the show, and the lessons we learned with them (before we even knew we were learning anything).

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days”

Yes, we’re starting the list with lyrics to a song we know we can all still sing from start to finish to this day. As kids, we only saw this as a cool song. Now, if you think about it, that’s actually a very important thing we all should remember. Yes, Hannah, we all have those days, thank you for reminding us that it’s okay that this happens.


Literally any sentence involving Uncle Earl

Hannah Montana is remembered by its amazing comparisons (such as “your opinion is wronger than a monkey driving a lawnmower”). And they usually came from Miley, Jackson and their dad (we love a sassy family). But the number one person who’s always in the middle of those is Miley’s uncle Earl. And every story is better than the last. Many of them can be seen in this video:

The ones we love never truly leave us

By the time the show starts, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) has already lost her mom, and different from what you’d expect from a kids’ show, they never shy away from talking about it. Multiple times during the show, Miley talks about her mom and remembers that the ones we love will always be there with us, even if we can’t see them (no, we’re not crying, you are!). This is such a positive message to give children!


Your friends’ happiness is as important as your own

Probably one of the biggest plot twists of your childhood was Lily (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchel Musso) getting together while Miley/Hannah was on tour. The couple then proceeded to hide that fact from Miley for fear of her reaction. Turns out they were right, at least at first, but then she comes to terms with it and is super happy to see her friends happy (and together).

Being the bigger person

From the very first episode, we are introduced to Amber and Ashley, the mean girls who are terrible to everyone, including Miley, for no reason. And when Miley finally had the chance to get back at them, to make them look like fools in front of others, she chose not to. She chose to walk away and not go down to their level. A true role model who shaped the way we think today.

Fame is not everything

Throughout the series, Miley chooses to live a double life because she wants people to like her for her, not because of her career. Hannah was her way of doing something she loves without risking being friends with the wrong people. And she was fourteen at the start of the show. Who’s that smart at fourteen? She’s even scared that Lily might treat her differently if she finds out her secret. Obviously, she doesn’t, but no one can blame Miley for being worried. A lesson on both the dangers of fame and the importance of friendship? This show really did everything for us.

Your mental health comes first

This show was talking about doing what’s best for yourself over a decade ago. Seriously. Miley led a double life for her whole adolescence and that took a toll on her. Constantly lying to avoid being found out, traveling so much, and having to keep up the schoolwork because no one there knew what she was doing. And so much more. And when she came to the point where both lives collided and that didn’t go well for her, she chose to walk away. Miley told her secret to the world and gave up not being recognized in order to stay true to herself and stop rumors from spreading. And furthermore, she also turned down an opportunity to star in a movie to go to college with her best friend. Because that’s what was important to her at that moment.

“Sweet niblets”

Circling back to quotes, we’re closing the list with the one phrase Miley has said over the years, and also that almost every character has said at least once. We still use “sweet niblets” today because it’s just that iconic. And it applies to almost any situation. Want to spot a fellow Hannah Montana fan? Just casually say “sweet niblets” in the middle of a conversation.

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