Lars Martin Has Got New ‘Plans’ For You!

Lars Martin Has Got New ‘Plans’ For You!

Did you always dream to make music for films, video games or commercials? Well, maybe you could be influenced by Lars Martin, who knows? Under the pseudonym of Martin Wave, he worked for the biggest corporations in the world like Google, McDonald’s and even earn a Super Bowl spot with his work on an MCU ad. This boy from the little town of Sala in Sweden has it all.

Big ups for the big collaborations, but Lars Martin felt it was time to fly on his own. He’s been writing songs since he’s a kid and the experience he gained through the years working hard paid off. Did you know he was behind some of the biggest radio hits you know? Indeed, he worked with some of the biggest names! Who stans Ali Gatie, French Montana or Jason Derulo here?

The road to stardom

Then in 2020, the producer lends his voice to some proper filler dance tracks ‘Hear Me Tonight’ and ‘Alive (It Feels Like) by ALOK. These tunes get over 100 million streams globally. Having so much fun, it was the moment his singing career and talent were revealed to the whole world. Curious about what his voice sounds like? You can listen to this familiar vibe from the original track from 2000 by Modjo here.

He got ‘Plans’

‘Plans’ is Lars Martin’s debut single as a solo artist, not counting his amazing and innumerable producing gigs under his artist name of Martin Wave. And yet, he’s going to make big waves with that new song. If you dig the Justin Bieber’s Purpose era, you are going to love these soft falsettos. “We never felt so alive” and thanks to the big love ‘Plans’ built by the singer-songwriter.

Lars Martin
Image Source: Lars Martins via Facebook

Groovy samplings

Introducing on sampled archives, ‘Plans’ experiments with melodies and brings a space-like soundscape. Being eclectic in your music taste? This Lars Martin debut song will be the perfect fit! From vintage production to classical elements and indie pop, the soundbites fusion keeps evolving in this three minutes piece. It’s groovy as hell, and his tones are fascinating. Be ready for charming jazz swag! Lars Martin vocals playing with our minds!

Fix your ‘Plans’ by streaming or buying the track here. Loved what you hear? Tell us on twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: What’s In Music PR

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