Meet Seori: Korean Pop/R&B Artist Brings Love In The Night

seori korean artist

As the global expansion of Korean music expands into the US mainstream market, more international artists have their eyes on breaking into the biggest music market in the world. With artists such as Jackson Wang, eaJ (Jae from Day6), DPRIAN, Chung-Ha, Eric Nam, etc. breaking into the market as a soloist and succeeding, we can’t wait for the growth to come. Of course, the next Korean artist to break into the US is Korean pop/R&B musician Seori.

seori korean artist
Image Source: Seori via Twitter

Seori started her music career by posting a series of covers to YouTube, including covers of ‘Talk’ by Khalid, ‘Lose’ by Niki, and was even featured on a song with eaJ and Keshi called ‘It Just Is.’ In May of 2020, she debuted with the release of her EP called ?depacse ohwHer soothing vocals and the venture with a mix of R&B and alternative pop beats have helped her reach popularity and establish her role in the Korean R&B scene. In addition to her EP ?depacse ohw, Seori was able to release a graphic novel to support her project, which included her as the main character. It’s amazing to see an artist use multiple mediums to help promote their music and considering that it’s not common, it was refreshing to see. 

As Seori breaks into the US, she has decided to sign with 88rising Records to support her within the US market while remaining with ATISPAUS. Due to this, she released ‘Lovers In The Night,’ which will be her first release with 88rising Records and 12Tone Music. The founder and CEO of 88rising, Sean Miyashiro had these sweet words to say about the scarlet. “Seori has a unique voice and quality that sets her apart from any other artist in Korea,” he says. ‘Lovers In The Night’ is a track about a memorable night with a lover that she doesn’t want to end. With the pop beats being different than her usual slow tunes, we get to see another side that excites us about her. With her soothing vocals carrying the song, we can honestly see us playing this song with the windows down on a road trip in the Summer. Like, just imagine this song with a memorable night out with friends? Ugh, we’re in love. Intrigued? Listen to ‘Lovers In The Night’ here

Look, we have to talk about the music video, too. As Seori travels around the streets of Seoul with her girlfriends, in addition to shots of couples, we see the emotions in the song playing out. It shows the duality within the song- it can be a song to your friends and a song to your lover at the same time. As the dancers dance with the song, their freeing movements assist the carefree vibes within the beats of the song. You just have to watch it. It also makes us want a lover- so not fair.

When talking about ‘Lovers In The Night,’ Seori shared her genuine thoughts on the song. “When the melody to ‘Lovers In The Night’ first came to me, I was very excited because, at that time, I was also writing lyrics about a passionate love,” she said. We hope that Seori is very proud of this song because we’re genuinely in love with it. It’s been on repeat for a while. Honestly, it made us want to dive more into her dreamy discography and officially add her to our stan list. 

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Featured Image Source: ATISPAUS

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