Only A Pop-Punk Expert Can Get a Perfect Score on This Lyric Quiz

Only A Pop-Punk Expert Can Get a Perfect Score on This Lyric Quiz

Test your knowledge on some of the most iconic pop punk songs with our lyric quiz!

The genre of pop-punk is the soundtrack to the childhood of so many of us here at The Honey POP. Bands and artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne (pictured below), Fall Out Boy, and Blink-182.

If you’re like us and fancy yourself a pop-punk expert and think you know your Lustra from your My Chemical Romance, why not try it out! This lyric quiz also features pop-punk icons who have dominated the scene over the last 20 years with songs we still love today.

George Holz Photoshoot (Cosmo Girl 2004) - Avril Lavigne Photo (17419321) -  Fanpop
Image Source: Courtesy of George Holz/ Cosmo Girl

This quick quiz is designed to test your knowledge and determine if you really are a pop-punk expert… or not. And only an expert will be able to get them ALL correct! These quick questions are littered with possible lyric answers to catch you out so be careful! But we’re sure you know what you’re doing.

Don’t forget to test your friends and let us know how you do on this pop-punk quiz! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with every The Honey POP release and tag us in your results!

If you enjoyed this quiz, why not try one of our others here! And while you’re visiting us here at The Honey POP, why not stay a while and check out some of our other articles here.

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Theo Wargo/WireImage

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