QUIZ: Which Stray Kids’ Sub-unit Are You?

QUIZ: Which Stray Kids’ Sub-unit Are You?

Stray Kids is a group with members that can do it all: from singing to dancing, to rapping, to composing their own music… All 8 members can do it all. However, Stray Kids can be divided into three sub-units: 3RACHA, DANCERACHA, and VOCALRACHA – also known as the producing team, the dance line, and the vocal line respectively. So which one do you believe represents you the best? Before that, let’s introduce them one by one.


Source: STEP OUT! Stay Japan Official Web Magazine vol. 03

Stray Kids is a self-produced group and the ones behind their flawless discography is none other than 3RACHA. The sub-unit composed of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han released their first mixtape back in 2017 and released two more after that, before Stray Kids’ debut in 2018. They always experiment with so many different genres and styles. Both the 3RACHA songs and Stray Kids songs touch on various topics such as mental health, like ‘M.I.A,’ but you also get very fun yet witty songs like ‘Get Cool.’ Needless to say, they’re three of the most hardworking and talented people out there. They don’t only have perfect chemistry when it comes to making music but they’re also such a fun trio – they have such a precious and a bit chaotic friendship.


Source: STEP OUT! Stay Japan Official Web Magazine vol. 03

Lee KnowHyunjin and Felix form Stray Kids’ second sub-unit: the dance line, also known as DANCERACHA. All three members are so crazy talented but they each have very different styles. Their personalities are also very different – but somehow they complete each other and their sub-unit song ‘Wow‘ is proof of it. Overall, even though they form a somewhat weird combination, they’re always very supportive of each other and form a very wholesome and unique team.


Source: STEP OUT! Stay Japan Official Web Magazine vol. 03

And last, but definitely not least, we have VOCALRACHA, a.k.a Seungmin and I.N. Not only are they the vocalists of the group, but they’re also the youngest in Stray Kids, and form one of the most iconic duos of the group – their VLive series together is enough proof of it. But don’t let the fact that they’re the youngest fool you though. They’re full of talent and sometimes even seem older than other members. Their sub-unit song, ‘My Universe’ (IN LIFE, 2020) shows just how much love they have for Stays and how caring they are. 

Now that you had a quick introduction to these sub-units you’re ready to take the quiz…

Who did you get? Do you think it’s accurate? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment – Photoshoot for Stray Kids’ first fanmeeting via Stray Kids’ Official Twitter (@Stray_Kids)

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