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Ali Gatie Is Giving Us The Idea Of Her

Ali Gatie Is Giving Us The Idea Of Her

Allow us to introduce you to a project from Ali Gatie that you are for sure going to fall in love with. This EP The Idea Of Her is masterful. It’s opened our ears to the artist Ali Gatie is and now we’re 100% sure we’ll have him as a solid part of our playlists. This EP is 10 tracks which feels more full length, but hey, we aren’t complaining! It’s chalked full of insane collaborations that we just can’t wait to deep dive into!

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‘Bigger Person’

Right away this song struck as a track we could see being perfectly placed on a movie soundtrack. It just has that timeless feel that everyone would automatically hear it and love it. The message is all about being the ‘Bigger Person’ and letting things be. Moving past those fights with someone and just remembering the small good moments when you’re upset. It’s advice we could all use in our own relationships.

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‘Can’t Let You Go’

Having this track be the lead single from the EP was a genius move. It’s such a beautiful track that we can totally see ourselves crying to in the near future. The line you left me with scars and said that you were never involved is just heartbreaking. It’s such a hard thing to move on after heartbreak as huge as the one Ali Gatie sings about on this track.

‘Stay Up’

This track is so chill. It perfectly captures what beautiful registers Ali Gatie can get his voice into. We just want to vibe with this song all night long. It’s beyond anything we could have hoped for off the EP and it’s only track three. We are just not ready for the rest of this project.

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‘Do You Believe (Featuring Marshmello and Ty Dolla $ign)’

Okay, this is a big yes from us! It starts off super chill and then the Marshmello’s feature kicks in. Everything gets a lot brighter and we are here for it! Ty Dolla $ign has a killer verse that flows so seamlessly! Both features take this track to a whole new level! They were definitely the perfect people to have on the project.

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‘Lie To Me (Featuring Tate McRae)’

Anything involving our girl Tate McRae sign us up! We are automatically in and are going to love it. Tate’s voice is so effortlessly beautiful and blends so well with the voice of Ali Gatie. We have been jamming out to this track on repeat, it’s just that good. For sure a high point so far on the record for us.

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‘What If I Told You That I Love You’

We knew right away when the song started that we had heard this track before. We are so glad we could put a name to the music. This song has always been such a triumph. It’s just incredible, flows so well, and is perfect night driving music. Plus that music video? Excellent. And Ali Gatie sounds so smooth, maybe we’re a bit obsessed with his voice.

‘Running On My Mind’

For some reason, this track gave us major The Weeknd vibes. Just us? Maybe! It’s another stand-out for us. The music is the perfect vibe and the vocals are like butter. We can tell this track will hit entirely different live and we are counting down the days until that is possible.

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‘Sunrise (Featuring Alec Benjamin)’

If we’re talking about two of the most calming voices in music Alec and Ali Gatie would be going head to head. Leave it to these two to drop this collab and just make us melt. When Alec comes in we just can’t help but smile. We are ready to go to California and drive around with someone special with this song playing. They convinced that would be the ideal situation.

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We had a feeling just by the title this track would hurt us. And we were right! The feeling of falling helplessly in love and not knowing if the other person will be there to catch you is terrifying. Falling in love in general is just horror movie level scary. This whole song is the most beautiful confessional. We can only hope this situation ended well if it played out in Ali Gatie’s real life.

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‘The Idea Of Her’

Come on title track! As we wrap up this EP, it’s clear Ali Gatie doesn’t miss. This song is no different. The whole project is perfectly summed up in this track. This man is down bad for this woman and penned the most beautiful love letters possible. Realizing that you’re in love with the idea of someone and not who they actually are can be devastating.

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You can stream The Idea Of Her on your favorite streaming platform here.

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