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Gorillaz Big 20! Let’s Celebrate Big Time!

Gorillaz Big 20! Let’s Celebrate Big Time!

The coolest musicians on Earth earned their 20 candles milestone! Blur’s Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s creative bundle of joy, Gorillaz, celebrate two decades of innovation in music! Under the filthy and charming characters Noodle, 2D, Murdoc and Russel, the band constantly evolves in their times! Why not breaking down their iconic tracks in a toe-to-toe battle?

Image source: Jamie.C.Hewlett/Gorillaz Press

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’19-2000′ or ‘Clint Eastwood’?

20 years ago, Gorillaz took the world by storm with these two tracks. Feeling old school? Pick Russel’s side and jam on ‘Clint Eastwood’ and his big beats. The chorus is infectious too and stays stuck in the head. Who never sang “I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag/ I’m useless but not for long, The future is coming on” in the early 2000s? On the other corner, there is this joyful 8-bit electro song ’19-2000.’ The summer vibes are coming so why not enjoying this classic:

‘Feel Good Inc.’ or ‘Dare’?

Rap was still present during the Demon Days era, but the band experimented more with dance beats. Need to groove? ‘Dare’ featuring Manchester icon Shaun Ryder on vocals is right on point! Psychedelic tones and retro vibes are for you! Or if you are more in a road-trippin’ mood you can choose ‘Feel Good Inc.’. Lots of bass drums, acoustic guitar and smooth dreamy vocals, that’s all we wish for!

‘On Melancholy Hill’ or ‘Superfast Jellyfish’?

Gorillaz kept their love for hip hop and soul on Plastic Beach. Dreamier than the previous albums, Damon Albarn and co. gave us the feels! The band work of art jumps from collaborating with late punk legends Mark E.Smith and Lou Reed to Bobby Womack’s jazz and groovy tones. ‘Superfast Jellyfish’ one of our favs features Welsh and super furry boy Gruff Rhys along with De La Soul, bringing psychedelic melodies and a twist of great rap bars. Or if you prefer cinematic harmonies, why not give a chance to ‘On Melancholy Hill?’ We feel a true connection with the simple windy instrumentation and the comfort it radiates.

‘Momentz’ or ‘Charger’?

The state of today’s politics? Gorillaz had loads to say about it! Humanz, their fifth studio album stunned again with brilliant collaborations from upcoming new artists at the time and some amazing legends! Grace Jones, known for her sultry version of ‘La Vie En Rose,’ offers an electrifying performance, almost dangerously chemical with Damon Albarn vocals on ‘Charger.’ Loving electronic experimentation and falsettos? You’ll fall for ‘Momentz’ bizarre mix tape collage! De La Soul brings joy to the house!

‘Hollywood’ or ‘Tranz’?

Life in ‘Hollywood’ ? That’s what Gorillaz chants along with Snoop Dogg on the album The Now Now. This song is such a dance-floor kind of vibe and so addictive! Speaking of which, we dig the retro sounds of ‘Tranz.’ The power synths spike to the heart! This 80s-sounding infused track is simply a great cheer-up to our grey days!

‘Revolving Door’or ‘Bobby In Phoenix’?

Having the blues? ‘Bobby In Phoenix’ is the folk pop acoustic track you need to feel better! Emotional and honest, The Fall from Gorillaz went deeper in the minds. Prefer dubs and beats? Listen to trip-hop infused ‘Revolving Doors’ with Albarn soothing voice.

‘Désolé’ or ‘The Pink Phantom’?

Damon Albarn worked loads in Mali in the past! His influences shows a lot of eclectic creativity and why not enjoy that fire rhythmic song ‘Désolé’? Exploring many routes, this song groove as hell! Thanks to Fatoumata Diawata for bringing passionate soul in the moving track! Speaking of which, another gem is on Song Machine Vol.1 featuring the king Elton John. ‘The Pink Phantom‘ is that moody song, escaping real life through the lenses of a ghost. We can’t get over the traditional and dreamy piano vibes!

Let’s get the cakes!

Gorillaz will serve us with many treats this year as a gift to their loyal fans. Want a unique and hip for the city style? The band’s celebrations includes some fashionably clothes, The G Foot Collection,for you coming soon! Prefer collectables? You can score your favorite Gorillaz persona from Superplastic brand here. A great way to refresh our room decoration of course! And we can’t wait for their albums special reissues. Expect some exclusive memories and lost gems!

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Featured image source: Gorillaz Press Jamie C. Hewlett

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