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Issey Cross Faces The Truth On Debut EP

Issey Cross Faces The Truth On Debut EP

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Meet the newest pop sensation Issey Cross. The newcomer drops her debut EP this week and you’ll be infatuated without a doubt! Be like Snow White‘s evil queen and believe that Mirrors Don’t Lie.

Solid groove movement?

Is a new power groove movement on the way? Well, Issey Cross is one of the new faces of that pop, deep bass, R&B sound and 2021 will be her year, we strongly take a bet on that. Alongside Arlo Parks, Baby Queen, girl in red, and many others, the girl power is back for good, but to be fair did it ever leave?

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Look into the mirror

In between electro and hip hop, Issey Cross’ Mirrors Don’t Lie kicks in with ‘Who.’ Fearlessly, she spits about how angry she is when betrayal comes around. You want the truth, nobody likes to be cheated on! But don’t worry, the concept behind ‘Who’ was a story that her producer Ebeneezer told back in the day about heartbreaking relationships. Issey Cross genuinely put it into a strong lyric form, spilling tea, with an addictive ghostly soundscape with plenty of great dubs. You can listen to ‘Who’ down below.

The female Weeknd?

Mirrors Don’t Lie then steps in with that R&B sexy number ‘Boys Make Promises.’ Layering samples and loops, the song is somewhere in between ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ by The Weeknd and queen Ariana’s filthy and sweet ‘Dangerous Woman.’ Issey Cross’ voice echoes in the air in all that power singing “Boys make promises they cannot keep, yeah
Bullets flying, but they can’t hurt me
.” Love is savage, but love makes us stronger despite the aches!

Issey cross
Image source: Issey Cross Instagram

Jaded dreams

What are her dream collabs? Well, she recently mentioned she would love to work with the likes of 21 Savage, Headie One, and Doja Cat, just to do some cool name drops. These influences are the basics of her grime genre texture on ‘Jaded.’ The song seems like a mixtape from Kehlani, Mabel, and Stormzy. The superposition of the beats makes a beautiful dreamy collage and the bars flowing with Issey Cross’ misty vocals, are just full of soul!

We got love, we got passion…

Finishing on a good note, ‘Fun Fair’ is the epitome of Mirrors Don’t Lie. “We got love, we got passion, got hate, get reactions,” Issey Cross flicks in a sugary voice. Relatable, indeed! ‘Fun Fair’ is that delicate song with a devil twist. The emotions in this song are going around in circles, so be prepared for that. Produced by P2J, whose previous works count Alicia Keys and Jessie Reyez, the track captivates and is intriguing with the soft tonalities.

Curious? Mirrors Don’t Lie is out now via Cult Behaviour. You can stream now stream on Spotify here or Apple Music here. Click here to buy from ITunes. You won’t regret!

Feeling the magic? Let us know what you think about the Mirrors Don’t Lie EP on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook or Instagram.

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