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Tate McRae Is About To Take Over Your Playlists With Her New EP

Tate McRae Is About To Take Over Your Playlists With Her New EP

We have been huge Tate McRae stans over here at The Honey Pop for quite some time! We even got to interview her not too long ago! She’s been such a force in the music industry in the last year and with her talent and drive taking her into superstardom. We love to see it truly. This EP is something that we have been waiting for so long for and finally it’s here for us to talk about.

The EP titled TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD is 6 tracks and such a sonically cohesive collection of music. It’s sometimes difficult to find that with a shorter project but Tate McRae perfected it.

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‘bad ones’

This opening track on TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD makes the wait totally worth it. It’s everything we have come to love out of a Tate McRae song. ‘bad ones’ is moody and raw. Classic Tate formula. You’re listening to her admit that her taste in partners isn’t great and girl, we feel you! It’s such a self-aware point you have to get to in order to openly say that you always fall for the ‘bad ones’ and have to step back and look at how you can change that.

‘r u ok’

We’ve been bumping ‘r u ok’ since its earlier release. It’s been a favorite of ours. The track is a reflection on finally being over someone when they finally make the decision to actually try. We love to see the energy Tate McRae is bringing with letting this man know that she’s better off without him. She’s not willing to go back to the mental state she was in with him and it’s for sure the right move.

‘you broke me first’

This track is what kick-started Tate McRae’s career. It blew up and was everywhere, as she deserves. It’s still such a heartbreaking song especially for someone of Tate’s age to write. Every time we listen we are blown away by the honesty in the lyrics and we *might* get teary-eyed. It still hits just as hard as the first listen, and that’s rare.


Honestly, ‘rubberband’ is probably our favorite track of Tate’s. It has a darker pop sound that is so catchy. The music video is killer and it’s all just a vibe. We find ourselves replaying it constantly. It definitely seems like Tate McRae was being especially open when writing this one. Comparing snapping a rubber band to the mental roadblocks you have to put up with certain people is just genius.


We need everyone to turn on ‘slower’ and jam out at full volume immediately. It’s one of our favorite songs of the year so far. Tate McRae never misses and we know that! As we near the end of this project it’s clear you should listen to the whole thing front to back at least once in order. It’s the best way to consume full bodies of work.

‘wish i loved you in the 90s’

Wow, this track is beautiful. Tate sounds so delicate and beautiful with her tone. Everything about this song is just perfect. The guitar in the background adds so much. The concept of loving in the ’90s when things were ‘less blurry’ is incredible. We haven’t really seen this idea explored in songs as of yet.

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You can listen to TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD here!

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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