Teddy Swims Will Make You Change Your Mind

Teddy Swims Will Make You Change Your Mind

Positivity is the key! That’s the motto of music creator Teddy Swims, which brings artistry to another level on the new single ‘Til I Change Your Mind.’ The Atlanta singer-songwriter is up on the new music radar with his stunning poetic soul from originals to cover songs.

An Instant Smile

Joyful! It’s the only way to describe the intro from ‘Til I Change Your Mind.’ With reggae-infused guitars and his voice full of passion, Teddy Swims will instantly put on a smile on your face and make you hop! Mixing overdubs and hip hop, the songs unite us in the love of music.

“So many people have platforms these days but don’t use them to say anything, so I wanted to use mine to say something,” explains the singer. The world’s real changes are created by these artists who influence our lives through their lyrics and melodies. We are all family at the end of the day despite the inequalities. We can’t agree more about the essence of ‘Til I Change Your Mind.’ Everyone can make a difference, and Teddy Swims expresses it all in one powerful tune!

Teddy Swims
Image Source: Aaron Marsh

It All Started With YouTube!

Teddy Swims started his career by covering pop songs. Like many artists before who found fame the same way, including names like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. The American singer brings the perfect mixture of folk, country, pop, and soul! We are so in love with his Shania Twain cover of ‘You’re Still The One,’ with superb and solid note changes. Same with his version of Lewis Capaldi, ‘Someone You Loved.’ We dig it! Watch it here.

Groovy Kindness

In the official video of ‘Til I Change Your Mind,’ Teddy Swims collaborates with visual artist Sage Guillory. And if you want the painting it could be yours, it’s true! Helping the local community and the Soul Food Cypher Foundation, the unique item will be up for an auction here. The mountains are high enough for the singer, making us groove with his lyrical hooks, and he lends his voice to the people’s stories. Watch the hopeful message and beautiful visuals here.

Turn your life in a bright twist and buy/stream ‘Til I Change Your Mind here.

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Featured Image Source: Aaron Marsh

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