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To Celebrate The Special Edition Release Of Drops Of Jupiter Let’s Break Down The Best Train Songs

To Celebrate The Special Edition Release Of Drops Of Jupiter Let’s Break Down The Best Train Songs

Train is a band we know and love. We grew up with their music and it still brings us all serotonin and nostalgia today. The band has just released a 20th anniversary (we’re so old) edition of their “career-defining album” Drops Of Jupiter and we have a lot of thoughts. Firstly, how has it been 20 years since we were gifted with this record? Secondly, why does the title track still hit as hard as the day it came out? The album features 6 (!!) rare bonus tracks and B-sides.

To celebrate this re-release we wanted to break down some of Train’s greatest hits. Let’s take it back to all these bangers.

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‘Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)’

You didn’t really think we were about to do this article and not mention one of the best songs ever created, did you? ‘Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)’ defined a whole time period of music, truly. It was such an instant smash hit and catapulted Train to fame. This track is like a warm hug, it’s familiar. You just can’t help but scream the words and get so into it you could probably take the lead singer’s place if he was sick.

‘Hey, Soul Sister’

This song screams “every summer party ever.” It’s just one of those classic songs everyone knows. It’s an instant mood booster and we can confirm it’s a must-see live. The track made its permanent mark on pop music and is always mentioned while talking about the best songs from the 2010s, as it should be. You’d be hard to come by anyone who hasn’t heard this Train track.

‘Drive By’

While writing this we are always full-on dancing and loudly singing the words on the other side of a downward spiral my love for you went viral.” What a line, what a song! Train had a complete hold on the 2010s it’s just cold hard facts really. All of their tracks were just hits after hits.

‘Play That Song’

Train made the ultimate summer song when they put this track out. It’s just all good vibes. We can honestly say it’s been on our summer playlists since its release and has become a staple. It’s pure sunshine. We are smiling just listening to it right now, that’s when you know the song is the real deal.

‘Marry Me’

The ultimate love song. We still get chills by how raw Pat’s voice sounds here. It’s such a beautiful song and a departure from the other really upbeat tracks on the record it hails from. We truly still aren’t over the line “you wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you.” If this song was ever sung to us we’d get married on the spot.

There you have it… the best Train songs! Along with the release of the album, Train has done a limited edition pressing of Drops Of Jupiter on a bronze vinyl, which you get added to your collection here! Remember you can also get the album here!

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We would love to hear from you! We know we’ve covered the hits but what’s a more rare Train song you’re obsessed with? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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