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Here’s Why Lisa Makes Such A Great Dance Mentor

Here’s Why Lisa Makes Such A Great Dance Mentor

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We all know Lisa as a member of K-POP takeover girl group BLACKPINK. She’s a phenomenal singer, rapper, dancer and is just an absolute joy of a human being! But she has also proven that she has another talent worth talking about and that’s her role as a mentor. When she’s not working on music or creating stunning photobooks for us to splurge on, our Thai princess is a dance mentor on Chinese girl group elimination show Youth With You. This introduced us to a whole new side of Lisa separate from the idol icon we know and love – and honestly? We’re here for it! We’re sharing with you why we think she makes such a great mentor.

Why BLACKPINK Lisa is such a great mentor the honey pop
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She has an emotional connection with her mentees

Why BLACKPINK Lisa is such a great mentor the honey pop
Image Source: Youth With You

Lisa teaches, praises, and critiques the female trainees and through that, she’s developed a bond with them. We could see her close relationship during the final episode of season 2 when the top nine trainees were announced. The moment the last member, Lu Keran, was called to join THE9 Lisa broke into tears. She later shared that she was full of mixed emotions that night, with the excitement of those who made it, but the sorrow. for those who didn’t, saying: “I felt so much because [all of the trainees] went through the competition together.”

“I was rooting for the trainees too. But in the end, I was happy for those trainees who could make it. In the meantime, I felt sorry for those who couldn’t. So it was a lot to take in. There were all kinds of emotions involved.” We’re not crying, you are!

She can personally relate to the trainees

Before she was the “Mona Lisa kinda Lisa” and one-fourth of BLACKPINK we know and love today, Lisa had to work relentlessly hard as a trainee to allow her to debut as an idol. So she has paid her dues and knows exactly the kind of pressure the trainees face. This is something that allows her to be able to work with them and develop the connection and understanding as well as use her experience as a mentor.

She has incredible attention to detail

Why BLACKPINK Lisa is such a great mentor the honey pop
Image Source: Youth With You

The competition to be able to debut is tough and therefore it’s super important for everything to be perfect to try and earn your place. Thankfully though, Lisa has such incredible attention to detail, she can catch anything that isn’t up to 100% accuracy! This allows her to give the best feedback which means the mentees can work on the areas that need the most improvement to be the best that they can be.

She knows when to be tough and when to be more laid back

Image Source: Youth With You

Lisa knows when she needs to be tough on people, but also knows when to be more relaxed. In one episode when she was critiquing trainees on a dance performance, she told one trainee that she was lagging behind the others in terms of skills. She asks her how long she has been training for, which the trainee replies “only two months,’ and Lisa’s expression instantly changes. She then shifts the criticism and points her in a hopeful direction, noting that she can really see the potential in the trainee, saying: “You’re just training for only two months but you’re doing this great. So I think you can do more. I think you can do better.” While it’s important to be tough to help with training, Lisa knows the right amount of pressure each person needs and knows when it’s too much. We love her so much!

She gives really meaningful and constructive advice

With mentoring comes teaching, and Lisa is great at giving advice! The BLACKPINK maknae has helped trainees overcome nerves, helped them gain confidence, and give constructive criticism that is tailored to each trainee. Lisa has many lessons to share and while it may sometimes seem small, it will make the world of difference to each person she mentors. She has a lot of knowledge to impart and given how much experience she has, what she has to say will be super beneficial!

Overall, we love Lisa as a mentor and believe she has a great impact on each person she works with. We can’t help but stan!

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What do you love about Lisa as a mentor? Would you like to work with her as a trainee? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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