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Donna Missal Gets Personal On New Track ‘Sex Is Good (But Have You Tried’)

Donna Missal Gets Personal On New Track ‘Sex Is Good (But Have You Tried’)

Donna Missal is an American singer/songwriter from New Jersey who instantly became one of our favourite artists after we discovered her! Since entering the industry back in 2015, Donna has released hit after hit – including her two albums: This Time and Lighter, which we have been playing on repeat. After being raised on traditional rock & country music by her Father (an 80s musician), it comes as no surprise that Donna is being described as “a powerhouse vocalist ready to become a household name” by Flaunt. She is everything we aspire to be – extremely cool, confident and insanely talented.

In mid-July of 2020, Donna’s sophomore album Lighter was released during quarantine and has been a huge success. However, this wasn’t the only triumph that occurred during the quarantine for Donna. In November of 2020, Donna took to her TikTok profile to share an acapella version of her song ‘sex is good (but have you tried)’ in the confines of her bedroom after sending it over to UK producer, Sega Bodega. The track instantly went viral with fans (including us here at THP!) begging for the finished product. In its final form, ‘sex is good (but have you tried)’ is a modern, playful ode to self-love. Bodega’s signature vocal effect and knack for creating danceable-yet-raw electronic music, allow the song to feel both intimate and cinematic at once.


because i can not relate to Ari’s extremely hot sex life #DiceRoll #fyp #arianagrande #3435

♬ sex is good (but have you tried) – Donna Missal

The First Teaser Of ‘Sex Is Good (But Have You Tried) That Went Viral On TikTok.

Just four months after the first teaser was posted, Donna Missal has finally shared the addictively catchy new single and visual for ‘sex is good (but have you tried),’ produced by Sega Bodega (Lapsley, ShyGirl) via Harvest Records (Lauren Auder, Death Grips, Ebhoni). The highly-anticipated track features a lo-fi melody, which shows a more mellow, confident, stripped-down side to the New Jersey-based artist. When discussing the new track, Donna explained that “‘sex is good (but have you tried)’ is what came out of me in quarantine life, the product of my bedroom being my environment and everything around me becoming so small and intimate, and such a reflection of this internet-centric thing going on in music. It’s so different for me because I’ve always been like a performer-singer, and this is definitely my first time working from a different place than I previously was, both physically and mentally.” The song is extremely personal and catchy, and we love it already – buy/stream it HERE.

@donnamissal on Instagram.

The visual video for ‘sex is good (but have you tried)’ is made up of fragments of close-ups, VHS-like shots, and a collection of selfies of Donna. When listening to the track, the isolated vocals that are layered with groovy beats stand out straight away – and the video for the song goes hand in hand. The visualizer fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the song as a whole and is done so well, given the circumstances. It feels so personal, and it really does capture Donna in all of her beauty. 

The Music Video For Donna Missal’s New Single “sex is good (but have you tried)‘ – Donna Missal on YouTube.

Here at THP, we’re already so in love with the sound of Donna’s new track, and we can’t wait to watch as it climbs the charts. Have a listen HERE, and let us know what you think by commenting or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop.

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