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Happy 25th Birthday To JVCKJ! ‘Full Court’ Is A Solid Birthday Surprise!

Happy 25th Birthday To JVCKJ! ‘Full Court’ Is A Solid Birthday Surprise!

First things first, we know we’re a little late, but we have to wish JVCKJ a happy 25th! It’s been a busy year for this guy, with the release of Pastel: The Early Days, as well as the release of his cryptocurrency PSTL coin. Although it was his birthday, we’re the ones who got a present! JVCKJ’s ‘Full Court’ dropped on his birthday, March 24th, as a surprise release for his fans! 


How cute is little JVCKJ? You can stream ‘Full Court’ right here! There’s no word on an official music video, but we know that if we did get one, it would be amazing. Just look at the ‘Casamigos’ music video– JVCKJ really delivers with the visuals! 

Look at us going on and on, we haven’t even talked about the song yet! It’s no secret that JVCKJ’s music focuses a lot on working hard and pushing towards your dreams, and ‘Full Court’ is no exception.

Full courting every game
I ain’t playing fucking pick up
Better pick up when I reign
‘Cause I’m all about my business like

There’s no messing around here, JVCKJ knows what he wants from his career, and he’s going all in to make sure he gets it! It’s honestly very inspirational, much like some of his other tracks off of Pastel: The Early Days. JVCKJ’s ‘Full Court’ proves what a hard-working, dedicated guy he is, so in honor of his birthday and this new track, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite inspirational JVCKJ tweets! 

First Of All, We Love A Supportive Friend

You give what you get, and what’s better than your friends supporting you? Being able to give that love and support back!

See, he gets it!

Don’t be this person. Be happy for the success of others! Also, JVCKJ’s ‘Full Court’ vs this tweet? See any similarities?

But my mind is the only thing I can seem to trust these days
People switch up, play the UNO reverse card, yeah

People switching up has the same energy as someone telling you congrats and then preying on your downfall, huh? Was the tweet secretly a teaser? A coincidence? Maybe we’ll never know.

And Speaking Of Happiness…

This one feels self-explanatory. Regardless, it’s a simple sentiment but easy to forget, so this tweet is a nice reminder!

This Tweet Sums JVCKJ Up Pretty Well We Think

‘Full Court’ is the perfect reflection of how seriously JVCKJ takes himself as an artist. He’s working hard on his climb to the top, and we’re planning on cheering him on from the sidelines for as long as we can! He knows what he wants, and he’s doing everything he can to get it.

Another belated happy birthday to JVCKJ! ‘Full Court’ is an absolute banger, and we appreciate that we got the gift on his 25th! What an inspirational guy, right? What do you think of ‘Full Court?’ What’s your favorite JVCKJ tweet? Drop a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter over @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Monroe Alvarez

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