It’s Been 1 Year Since 5SOS Dropped This Masterpiece But We’re Still Anything But CALM

It’s Been 1 Year Since 5SOS Dropped This Masterpiece But We’re Still Anything But CALM

One year. 365 days. That’s how long since 5 Seconds Of Summer dropped one of their greatest albums to date. CALM is nothing short of a masterpiece, from its overall aesthetic to its beautiful, handcrafted lyrics and vocals to its fierce, hypnotizing instrumentals- it’s an album that’s got the whole package and more!

The 5SOS guys have come a long way sonically and lyrically since their early days in the band, and we have never been more proud of them than we are now- since the release of CALM. That album gave them an outlet to release all of their feelings and emotions into one place. It’s not just an album you listen to, but an album you FEEL. No matter what new artists we discover, we always find ourselves going back to this album because it’s just that incredible.

5 seconds of summer

Despite the album being a year old, it’s still played over and over and lives on our heavy rotation playlist, seriously, especially during lockdown when it’s all that got us through. 5 Seconds Of Summer have gotten many of us through more than a lockdown, a quarantine, and a pandemic. It’s only natural that this album continues on that legacy. And we never get tired of CALM’s majestic beauty, and something this majestic is worth celebrating, so in honor of 5SOS’ fourth album’s birthday, us fans here at The Honey Pop, reflect on the album’s release and celebrate in a big way!

Happy Birthday, CALM! You’re a No.1 album in our book, and we hope you continue to flourish for the work of art you are! Congrats to 5 Seconds Of Summer for such an amazing album!

What are you doing to celebrate the first anniversary of CALM? Which of the album’s songs are you still vibing with most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP with the hashtag #1YearOfCALM! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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