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MAX Released The Deluxe Version Of Colour Vision And Whatever Chill We Had Left Is Gone

MAX Released The Deluxe Version Of Colour Vision And Whatever Chill We Had Left Is Gone

The day we have been waiting for is finally here. MAX has just released the deluxe version of Colour Vision, and honestly, it’s one of the best deluxe projects we have ever come across. MAX has proven time and time again he’s one of the best artists in the game and that he’ll always give his all to his projects. With most deluxe albums, you get three or four bonus tracks, but here we have ten! There are collabs, some older fan favorites, acoustic versions, and remixes. So much content we don’t know what to do with ourselves! 

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We are ready to dive into this album, so let’s go!

You can get the deluxe version of Colour Vision here!

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‘Still New York’ (Feat. Joey Bada$$)

If you’ve ever even set foot in the greatest city in the world (NYC, baby!), we can almost guarantee this song will make you emotional. For us, it almost made us book a post-Covid trip to go back. It’s a celebration of the ties people from New York have to the city. There is such a sense of pride that comes with being a New Yorker that isn’t found in most other cities, and it comes with great reasons- it’s the city that never sleeps; the concrete jungle where dreams are made. It’s this place where so many people dream of going, and once you go, we promise you’ll understand every part of this track. From those alive Broadway streets to the city lights to this energy that you just can’t really describe, it’s the greatest.


‘Worship’ has acted as a fan favorite since its first release a few years back. Putting this on the deluxe version of Colour Vision was no doubt further proof MAX listens to his fans. The track perfectly showcases what an insane voice MAX has. It’s one of the things we are consistently blown away by. No one can belt like this man. And those high registers he manages to get into, and then those switch-ups where his voice is raspy and then smooth like butter? Unreal. 

The Collaborations

So, these next two tracks were indeed on the standard version of Colour Vision, however, MAX switched it up on us a bit.

With ‘Blueberry Eyes,’ we got the additions of Olivia O’Brien and Lil Mosey, along with the OG collaborator- SUGA of BTS! Lil Mosey was such a stellar choice for an add-on, he’s got his track ‘Blueberry Faygo,’ so it all just ties in. And of course, you already know we were beyond stoked to see that Olivia was joining the party! She always elevates anything she does with her distinct and stunning voice. Of course, we have to give some love to SUGA, even though he’s in the standard version, his verse just flows perfectly with the rest of the collaborators. 

‘Love Me Less’ was originally a collaboration with our dude Quinn XCII, however, on the deluxe version of Colour Vision we got Kim Petras! Her voice is so strong and adds such a unique sound to blend in with MAX and his crazy vocals. This song would be a banger no matter who MAX got in the mix. It was just perfectly crafted from the very beginning. 

The Acoustic Tracks

To start the acoustic portion of the deluxe edition of Colour Vision, MAX is giving us ‘Acid Dreams’ with Felly. And we just have to say this is a stand-out track for us for sure. It was made to be performed with these two artists exactly like this. Both of their voices go hand in hand. And the runs? Yes, please! We are trying to grab a glass of wine, take a bath, light a few candles, and just listen to this and vibe. Also, just as a side note, please go to the time stamp 2:30- you’re welcome. 

‘There Is A God’ is one of the most stunning songs we’ve ever heard. It’s so heavenly and feels so personal. MAX himself has said, “It’s one of the most meaningful songs on the album.” Songs like this deserve to be performed acoustically. We feel like we’ve addressed MAX’s insane voice so many times but just have to do it some more. He sounds so angelic here. The runs and the rasp gives us all the goosebumps. 

We were beyond stoked to see that we were getting ‘Love Me Less’ acoustic featuring its OG collaborator- Quinn XCII! As much as we love this song in its standard form, this acoustic version holds a special place in our hearts. Colour Vision deluxe is proving to be some of MAX’s best work thus far. It’s so insane that this song almost feels brand new even though we know all the words by heart. And, of course, we have to talk about how good Quinn sounds, his voice just makes us smile every time we hear it. 

The Remixes

Anytime you throw Steve Aoki in the mix, you know you’re in for a good time. Steve remixed the standard version of ‘Blueberry Eyes,’ and we are obsessed. The remix isn’t too drastic, but just enough to where it feels like a new listening experience. We can see this being added to club playlists and definitely being the vibe for a night out. Seeing all the forms this song has taken proves what a genius MAX is with picking collaborators. 

See Also

‘Working For The Weekend’ with eaJ is a flawless song. It’s one of two Party Pupils remixes on the deluxe version of Colour Vision and has convinced us to stan Party Pupils. It’s a summer hit, this is going to seamlessly flow into our playlists for all car drives and beach days. The vibes are just perfect. We also have decided, we need to check out all eaJ music ASAP.

We can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the deluxe version of Colour Vision. What an incredible project. No fillers- just jam after jam. To wrap things up, we have the Party Pupils remix of ‘Love Me Less’ with Quinn XCII! Four versions of one song on an album may seem like too much, but, trust us, it’s not. All of these versions bring so much to the table. This is the ultimate party remix. 

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of the deluxe version of Colour Vision by MAX? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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