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5 Songs To Listen To Before Red Velvet’s Wendy Makes Her Solo Debut

5 Songs To Listen To Before Red Velvet’s Wendy Makes Her Solo Debut

Soothing and striking, Wendy from Red Velvet has a way to entrance listeners around the world with her charming voice. As the main vocalist of one of the biggest girl groups of the third generation, Wendy has reminded us why she’s a role model to many around the world. After a long hiatus, the 27-year-old starlet has announced her solo debut with the album Like Water. 

Wendy’s first mini-album will be released on all music platforms on April 5th at 6 PM KST and will contain five tracks including the two title tracks, ‘Like Water’ and ‘When This Rain Stops.’ To get ready for the cheerful star’s comeback, we decided to list five of our favorite songs from Wendy herself to refresh her vocals for us. 

‘Two Worlds’

A soothing ballad for the K-drama, Start-Up, is full of strong emotions that describe a sweet and ever budding love. With lyrics such as, “My heart is where you stay It’ll take me to you so I don’t have to worry,” reminds of how innocent love is. As she belts out the lyrics in her native Korean, we’re reminded of how strong of a vocal range she has. You can watch Start-Up on Netflix here

‘My Day Full Of You’ ft. Zico

Another OST, Wendy collabed with Korean hip-hop rapper Zico on ‘My Day Full of You’ for the K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Subtly more upbeat than the previous song, ‘My Day Full of You’ shows another emotional dynamic supported by the soothing rap lyrics by Zico. As she sings the sweet vocals of being glad to meet the one she loves and Zico raps the lyrics of the emotions within love, we’re glad that this dynamic was paired together.

‘Written In The Stars’ ft. John Legend

How can we forget about this iconic collaboration? As it came as a shocker that SM was able to create such an amazing collaboration, we ate it up. The musicians that carry both soulful voices pair each other perfectly. With John Legend’s deep vocals and Wendy’s high soothing vocals, we’re glad this came to be. Can you ask for a better single between an American and a Korean artist? If we did, we probably wouldn’t complain. It will forever remain as our favorite Wendy song.

‘Spring Love’ ft. Eric Nam

A super old bop, but there’s no reason why we couldn’t include this collab. With Eric Nam also being a personal favorite of ours, we had to include this guitar-filled ballad. With cute scenes in an amusement park setting, we can’t help but fall in love with this dynamic. As one of our favorite slow-tuned songs with an upbeat tune, we can’t help but fall in love. It’s also such a 2016 love song and takes us back in time.

‘What If Love’

An OST for the 2019 K-drama, Touch Your Heart, Wendy proves her beautiful and enchanting vocal dynamic once more. Unlike the others, this song is more about hesitation and confusion within the love. It’s a new dynamic and twist on the typical candy-sweet love songs. It’s still soothing and a song we love when we want to wind down from a stressful day. 

As we re-listen to the soothing vocals of Wendy, we forgot to discuss what the title track from Like Water will sound like. Only knowing about the track, ‘When The Rain Stops,’ it is said to be a slow-tempo ballad that helps add a magical tune to the warm vocals that Wendy lends to the song. One of the lyrics, “It’s okay to take a break from time to time,” sings true to us as we struggle with immense burnout and confusion during these trying times. It feels nice to hear a song that completely gets it. 

Are you looking forward to Wendy’s solo debut? Comment below or tag us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Red Velvet via Twitter

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