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Lady Gaga, The Queen Of The Decade!

Lady Gaga, The Queen Of The Decade!

If we tell you the name Stefani Germanotta- does it ring a bell? No? If we say, Lady Gaga, it may sound more familiar to you! As Madonna and Britney, she’s one of the hottest pop icons of the industry, so let’s celebrate her iconic videos! Lady Gaga is such an Avant-Garde artist, and we can’t deny it- she’s a queen!

‘Poker Face’

The song that started it all for Gaga. From her first album The Fame, Gaga knew how to become a strong businesswoman. Iconic video, you say? We’d die to own her Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow glasses and her blue bodysuit. Luxury, wildness, and fit choreography are all we needed! The finest debut!

‘Bad Romance’

Such a fashionable way to market romance, Lady Gaga wore designer Alexander McQueen’s 12-inch (300 mm) high heels shoes- that’s kinda the biggest ones we’ve seen! The video captured some iconic stills that could have been taken from Black Mirror or Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. Lady Gaga was a precursor, innovative, and ahead of her time!

‘Born This Way’

Being different? Feeling like a weirdo? Nevermind because Lady Gaga is there to open the boundaries. Unicorns, pink triangles, rainbow prism- the LGBTQ+ community is fiercely represented. Strong, futuristic, and colorful- we can’t get enough of the cinematography with no gender barriers. The clip also features the late, Quebec-born model, Zombie Boy.


Two queens in one? Hell yes! Lady Gaga partnered with Queen Bey on an epic journey. From prison to a sixties drive-in restaurant, the pair collaboration is a dream come true. Lady Gaga doesn’t only perform, she also wrote the script, along with director Jonas Akerlund, absolutely smashing it. A little bit of Tarantino shade, maybe?

‘Million Reasons’

Flamboyant, you think? Lady Gaga can also feed us with big emotions! ‘Million Reasons’ is poignant, showcasing the singer in her pink cowboy outfit, elegantly telling a story full of high notes and sadness. On the other side, we see her alone in the desert, lost in the moment. But will somebody save her from her confusion? Of course, we see her friends, her long-time sisters reconnecting and comforting her. Not all sad stories have bad endings, right?


Lady Gaga the actress? Of course, she’s multitasking, and we love to see her wonderful projects! When A Star Is Born remake was on the table, she took the offer. Her voice suits the character so well, knowing where to place the emotional stakes. Her chemistry with Bradley Cooper’s character is immense. The video shows both of them singing ‘Shallow’ together onstage and interspersed with scenes from the movie. Gorgeous!

‘Rain On Me’

And the trophy goes to… ‘Rain On Me.’ Definitely! This song was one of the most popular tracks from 2020 and Lady Gaga proved that high-energy is back! GRAMMY-winner of Best Pop Duo Performance bewitches us with stunning visuals. Directed by Sin City creator Robert Rodriguez, we see both Ariana Grande and Gaga recreating some sci-fi/punk aura. Exploring resilience and life hardships and experiences, the video, choreographed by Richy Jackson, is bringing such uplifting empowerment feelings!

Lady gaga makeup
Image source: Haus Labs

A fashion queen!

Fancy new ethical makeup? Lady Gaga slays with her Haus Labs cruelty-free cosmetics with rainbows of colors that suit everyone. Be true to yourself. You kick it! Want to explore new scents to seduce your loved one? The multitalented singer is the face of Valentino Voce Viva.

Image source: TENOR gifs

Why do we stan Lady Gaga? Because she’s the sweetest soul ever. Her philanthropy and activism raise awareness of mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. If you haven’t heard about it, go take a look at her Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to empower youth, improve mental health, and prevent bullying. She founded it with her mother, and it’s showing a strong familial bond with the community around her.

Lady Gaga always sends us some heavenly and eclectic performances. This sole woman wowed at the Superbowl in 2017 and recently showed her political views by supporting Joe Biden at the recent election. But what’s the most amazing thing is that she went on stage for the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at his inauguration! Watch her superb performance below.

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What do we think about this legendary singer? Find out in the GIF below! It’s very telling.😉

Lady gaga
Image source: TENOR Gifs

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