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Rosé Is Aiming For The Sky While Staying ‘On The Ground’

Rosé Is Aiming For The Sky While Staying ‘On The Ground’


Our very own Rosé aka Roseanne Park of BLACKPINK has embarked on her solo journey and we are here for it! Rosé recently released two songs featuring from her solo album, ‘On The Ground’ and ‘Gone’, and joined Jennie, her fellow bandmate, as the second BLACKPINK member to release solo music. And we must say that this new beginning looks stunning and very promising for her career.

The single is accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing video with rich visuals of fashion, glamour and Rosé. ‘On The Ground’ showcases the Korean-Australian singer-songwriter’s stunning abilities putting her in a whole new vibe which is different from her high-energy signature component in BLACKPINK. It is a powerful single studded with Rosé’s soft yet captivating vocals and the lyrics depict her journey so far – from childhood memories of singing and playing the piano at her home to flying to South Korea and later becoming the part of k-pop group BLACKPINK that gave her the taste of global fame and spotlight and she managed to captivate millions of hearts around the world.

We are VERY impressed!

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Recently, Rosé appeared on At Home With conversations with Zane Lowe on Apple Music where she discussed her inspiration behind ‘On The Ground.’ and spilled a lot of tea on her experience of releasing solo music, support from BLACKPINK and fans, collaborating with YSL and much more.

Preparing To Create A Dynamic Debut For Three Years

While we were enjoying BLACKPINK’s vibrant and dynamic music, Rosé was preparing for her solo almost three years ago behind the scenes, closer to the k-pop group’s debut era. As much as it looks fun and thrilling on the outside, being a part of one of the world’s biggest music group comes with a great responsibility as fans continue to expect highly of everything. But Rosé was determined to release a solo song of her too, one day, something that says her story and shares a part of her with thousands of fans who continue to show her their support.

Rosé via screenshot from ‘On The Ground’ music video

Releasing solo music was a big step forward and equally challenging for her. Even after accomplishing great achievements and recognition, she still feels jitters on the release day. She said,

I think it’s just always at like when you’re really close to the peak, that’s when everything gets really like, “Oh my gosh, it’s about to come out. They’re about to have it,” and like we’re doing all the final confirming and everything. It feels like a volcano’s about to erupt. Then like, bam, it’s there and you’re like, “Oh, there was no loud explosion.” Not yet in front of our eyes because it’s not like we turned a CD in front of a bunch of our fans. It’s like everybody listens to it on their own devices at home or elsewhere. And so, it’s like, oh, it’s kind of like a very personal moment, I noticed.

Well, all we are going to say is that Rosé prepared well to deliver the best solo debut and it feels amazing to share her success and this personal moment with thousands of BLINKS around the globe.

I’ve Worked Hard For This. I’ve Earned This.

Image Credit: Rosé via Saint Laurent website

As the pre-chorus starts playing, “I worked my whole life just to get right. Just to be like, look at me, I’m never coming down,” oh yes, queen, it’s your moment to rise and shine. Rosé was only 16 when she flew to South Korea, all alone, to build her life that she dreamt of every day since childhood and now, it’s the time to live that dream. Her lead track, ‘On The Ground’ encompasses the essence of her success as it echoes her career, from her beginning to the k-pop band’s stellar rise to stardom. Although she has worked hard to get where she is right now, and while it has its own perks, it also brought some responsibilities on her shoulders. According to her,

To be on such a role as that, you have these moments, I feel like, where you forget where you’re actually going. I remember being so sure of where I was going, but I’m also very lost. The funny thing is when the company had decided to just go with the song, I got a call in the middle of the night. I was bawling my eyes out. I was like I felt so hollow. Then, in that moment, that call came and they were like, “We’re going to go with this song.” and I was like when you just feel the most hollow, life gives you sweets. When life tastes like lemon and throwing lemons at you and you’re just like, “Oh my God, what am I doing?”

“I’m Just Like You”

We tend to unconsciously put celebrities on a pedestal, don’t we? Because of our admiration for their talent, we gaze up adoringly at them from the floor as we’ve placed them above us, we easily forget that they are normal human beings just like anyone else. With hundreds of fantasies building up in our minds, we see the glamour, the fame, the name and the bling from the outside but forget, or overlook, their own struggles and challenges on their path every day. Rosé is no different as she feels her life is so normal and similar to her fans just everyone with different jobs and life struggles.

“I feel like it’s not very different to myself like through the song, I’ve noticed because when you release it, you think a little of your fans listening to the songs and you think how will they react to it? But it’s like I don’t even have to question that. It’s just going to be exactly like myself because everybody goes through the same amount of stress a day. It’s like some days, it could be more stressful or less. It’s just like everybody goes through that same waves.

You Can Never Be Too Glamorous

Image Credit: Rosé via Saint Laurent website

Our classy and fabulous fashionista Rosé had a star-struck like moment when YSL approached her for collaboration, marking her big debut in the fashion world. The Australian-Korean singer made her official Saint Laurent debut when she starred in the collaterals for Saint Laurent’s fall-winter 2020 campaign. Additionally, she has been made YSL Beauty’s newest muse, alongside Courtney Love, Cara Delevingne, and Zoë Kravtiz. According to Rosé, Saint Laurent really helped her movement through the fashion industry.

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“I remember the first time I went to Paris for one of the collection for the shows. I was literally this lost cat. I was like, “I don’t fit in here. I’ve never been to one of these. They look so cool.” I’m like, “Hi.” But then I remember they were just so kind and welcoming. They led me through the after-party. They’re lovely people.”

Supporting Gals


Like we said earlier, celebrities are normal human beings just like us and they deal with insecurities and breakdowns in life. But when you have friends as your backbone, no one can tear you down, not even your inner demons. Rosé feels lucky enough to find that support system in her BLACKPINK pals and we are happy for her! Ever since she began her journey, they have been nothing but so supportive of her work and make sure she doesn’t feel alone even while working on separate projects.

Now that I’m doing my own schedule and solo project, it means so much to me that they reach out. Just one call and I’m like, “I feel so much more confident,” and they’ve been so good at that, like each and every member. I miss them, you know? Because usually when I’m working, I would see them every single day. I can’t wait until my schedule gets a little quiet and then I’m going to go hang out with them. But they’ve been very supportive.

Rosé’s R is out now! What do you think of her solo debut? Which is your favorite lyric from the lead singles? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

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