CAPPA Encounters ‘Fatal’ Love On New Single!

CAPPA Encounters ‘Fatal’ Love On New Single!

What happens when you encounter ‘Fatal’ love? Maybe you’ll find your new addiction! Indeed, the new CAPPA’s single is a beautiful electro-pop trip with floating beats. Ever heard her music before? You’ll fall under her charm just like Betty and Jughead in Riverdale (her song ‘Killin It’ is featured in season 1) or Jane in The Bold Type with lots of ‘Tension’.

A ‘Fatal’ Attraction

Do I push you right to the edge? Do I stir up tornadoes’ end in your head? Tell me what’s going on”, CAPPA starts in force with her sparkling vocals. Love goes from the ups and down to the ‘Fatal’ attraction. Every relationship isn’t perfect. In our everyday life, we got to climb every rocky mountain. Her fragile tones keep spinning in our heads. At every listen, the emotional electric vibe of the song elevates our feelings. CAPPA has that soft power in likeness to our queen Taylor Swift.

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Sugar-Coated Melodies

Does CAPPA put a spell on us with ‘Fatal’? The probabilities are substantial. Like some new pop singers out there like Lennon Stella or Tate McRae, she brings sunshine and brightness into serious and dark themes lyricism. Like a fairy, she enchants us with her bold harmonies, spreading like sweet sugar.

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The New ‘Lovefool’?

The falsettos? We are desperately in love. From her Mariah Carey and TLC covers to her original songs, the American pop darling gives place to some creative soul. In ‘Fatal’ stylish production, CAPPA unearths some nostalgic Cardigans ‘Lovefool’-infused twist intertwined with Donna Lewis ‘I Love You Always Forever’ melodic lines. The Philadelphia-born singer is becoming the princess of our hearts with her soft musicality. She makes the song aesthetic, and electro elements twinkle like stars.

Want more? You’ll be happy to know that ‘Fatal’ is on the list for her forthcoming EP. Untitled yet, we are excited to hear the new creations that come later this year. In the meantime, you can stream the track on Spotify or Apple Music. If you like it, you can buy on ITunes. Listen here.

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