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Our Top 5 Favorite Clever Collaborations

Our Top 5 Favorite Clever Collaborations


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If you haven’t heard of Clever, you are missing out! He just released his second album, Crazy, and we are obsessed. With all of this new music coming from Clever, we are here to list our top five collaborations of his!

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‘Life’s A Mess II’ – Juice WRLD (with Clever and Post Malone)

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This song was one of the collaborations a lot of fans of Clever, Post Malone, and the late Juice WRLD had been waiting for. ‘Life’s A Mess II’ was released on Clever’s album, Crazy, in 2021. The track is the original version of the song that comes before the 2020 Juice WRLD album version with Halsey. All of the artists on the track are incredibly talented and their voices mesh incredibly well together. We are grateful that he was able to release this song on his second album, Crazy!

‘Skittles’ Feat. Lil Baby

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‘Skittles’ is also a song that was released on Clever’s sophomore album, Crazy. The track features Lil Baby and they each speak on their experiences with the law. In Clever’s verse, he references the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin when he sings, “When they get you for the Skittles and you pull over, I don’t wanna pull over anymore.” 

‘Call Me Nobody’ Feat. Lil Wayne and Isaiah Lyric

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This track displays Clever’s incredible songwriting skills and the range and versatility that he has. ‘Call Me Nobody’ features Lil Wayne and Clever’s son Isaiah Lyric, who sings the melody on the song’s outro. In a press conference with 1824, he talked about how talented his son already is at age six and that Isaiah can play the piano better than him already. We love that he was able to have this experience with his son and feature him on the track! 

‘Real Life Stuff’ – Diplo (Feat. Julia Michaels and Clever)

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This song was released on Diplo’s album, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil. As massive fans of both Clever and Julia Michaels, we are so happy Diplo was able to get them together to create this masterpiece. We never knew we needed this collab, but we are here for it!

‘Forever’ – Justin Bieber (Feat. Post Malone and Clever)

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We couldn’t finish off the list without mentioning the collaboration Clever did with Justin Bieber and Post Malone. As OG fans of Justin, we are so happy that he ended up working with both artists! They created an absolute masterpiece and we love how their voices all mesh so well together. The song is called ‘Forever’ and it was released on Justin’s Changes album from 2020. 

Although we covered our favorite collaborations that Clever has had a hand in, we do want to make sure to mention that he has been releasing his own music and we absolutely love his tracks. Clever is an incredibly talented artist and we cannot wait to see where his solo career takes him!

Listen to Crazy on your favorite streaming platform here!

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Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Clever via Twitter

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