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Baekhyun Finds His Voice With Bambi

Baekhyun Finds His Voice With Bambi

Time and time again, Baekhyun proves why he is the top male soloist in South Korea. With over 830,000 pre-orders, you could argue that this was one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 so far. Safe to say, the pressure to deliver was on for Baekhyun. But, to no one’s surprise, he delivered.

After spending his 20’s with EXO, his 30’s see Baekhyun entering a new chapter in his life. It also brings up the question of how he wants to present himself. His third mini-album, Bambi, is the answer to that question. The album is full of R&B excellence that he has become known for. In his previous albums, we were given a mix of genres through various tracks. We got our pop fill in ‘Betcha’ and ‘Poppin,’ and the single of his self-titled Japanese album, ‘Get You Alone,’ saw Baekhyun taking on the retro disco trend much of the industry had in 2020 (and he nailed it). Bambi shows that Baekhyun has found his voice and the genre that perfectly pairs it. It’s an album that focuses more on his vocal ability and offers a consistent vibe that we are very much digging. 

The title track gives us something that only Baekhyun himself could deliver. It’s sultry, and we can’t help but notice the references to Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ through his outfits. He shows a suave version of himself, something we got a taste of on his Japanese album and also goes back a bit to his roots in ‘Un Village.’ It’s the R&B track that Baek said it would be, and we are loving everything about it.

Vocally, the album is one of Baekhyun’s best. We get beautiful riffs and high notes that very few can hit from many tracks, like ‘All I Got.’ The intro for the album, ‘Love Scene,’ shows off his lower register and sets up the album’s tone. It carries through to the end of the album with the closing track ‘Cry For Love,’ a song of longing and heartbreak, and his goodbye song to his fans for the time being due to his military enlistment. These themes of love and loss are seen throughout the entire album, as Baekhyun conveys his feelings in the songs and makes us feel everything he is. 

The six tracks are songs that give off chill vibes, similar to the ones we get when we listen to lo-fi tracks. It’s an album that puts us in our feelings, the perfect soundtrack on a rainy day. 

The album is perfect. What we mean is, the album is perfectly Baekhyun, and that’s really all that matters. When it comes to showing us the new side of himself, as he enters this next chapter in his life, he has succeeded in showing his best parts. And it makes us excited for his future. We’re willing to bet that when Baekhyun returns, it will be the most anticipated comeback of the year. And don’t worry, Baek, we will be here waiting for you and for what you will bring to us next time. 

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