Fickle Friends keep walking into these Weird Years

Fickle Friends keep walking into these Weird Years

2020 was weird, wasn’t it? This year, the journey continues with Brighton’s Fickle Friends. After the success of Weird Years: Season One, the five-piece renew their experience with a second part that will follow on May 7th, and we can’t contain our happiness!

Saturn’s Return

How do you feel today? Sad? Happy? On Natti Shiner’s side, she is ‘Not In The Mood’ on the new Fickle Friends song. When looking deeper into the lyrical vibe, there are some visceral thoughts, and the melodic hooks make us feel the brighter days. Is it the Saturn return effect? Maybe! Set off your limits, accept who you are, and learn from your experiences.

‘Not in The Mood’ lyrics explain it all, period! We won’t be anyone’s puppet in a relationship. “But I can’t be the buffer/No, I won’t be the backup girl, Cause I’m the answer manufacturer” claims Natti with her clear voice on the pre-chorus. Know your boundaries and your mid-twenties crisis will go smoother. Fickle Friends is there to save you!

Fickle friends
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The Season’s Come and Go

When their album release was postponed last year, Fickle Friends turned it into a positive. Finding their creative bites, the band went back to the drawing board and gave us Weird Years: Season One. Exploring the changes in their lives from the success of the first album, You Are Someone Else, they shaped a brilliant colorful vision of young adults’ ramblings through their joyful harmonies. This EP is the first of many which leads to an upcoming compilation of tracks at the end of the year. Let’s cheer up to this!

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Your New Obsession?

Season two is coming for Fickle Friends and ‘Not In The Mood’ feeds us with the sparkling sweet pop loops and the charming vocals. The Brighton gang rhythmics are obsessively good. And as if not enough, the melodies embark on a jangle journey into pleasing soft-hearted electro waves. The song will get you in the mood despite the title, no kidding! ‘Not In The Mood’ is that glitter and sun in your lonely days. Break the routine and enjoy these cute bopping notes! Get your headphones on and press play on your favorite music service.

Do you feel in the mood? Preorder Weird Years: Season Two in the format you want here. Just click and happiness will be flowing just like these brand new sounds. Don’t forget to tell us what you think on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: Dedikated PR

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