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Julia Michaels Released ‘All Your Exes’ So We’re Celebrating With Our Favourite Songs By Her

Julia Michaels Released ‘All Your Exes’ So We’re Celebrating With Our Favourite Songs By Her

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This week, our ears were once more blessed by the powerful vocals of miss Julia Michaels. On March 26th, she released ‘All Your Exes’, and OMG, she killed it once more. This song is all about that very familiar feeling of not wanting to think about a partner’s love life before you got together. Everyone is subject to feeling this way but it’s not exactly a feeling any of us talks about that much.

It’s no surprise that we love this new single. Julia is a queen who sings about love like no one else can. Her lyrics are so powerful you can feel the emotions behind each song just by listening to them. And that’s why we invite you today to join us in remembering some of her greatest songs (so far).

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Starting with one of her most popular songs from all the way back in 2017. She’s been singing about complicated relationships from day one, and being very real about it too. “I got issues, but you got ’em too,” “bask in the glory of all our problems/’cause we got the kind of love it takes to solve ’em.” That’s the reality of an adult relationship where both parties want to do their best if we ever saw one.

‘What A Time’ (feat. Niall Horan)

This collab with Niall in 2019 was a true gift for fans of both artists. Their duet features lyrics remembering a past relationship that, at the time it happened, seemed to have everything to work out (“you clinged to my body like you wanted it forever”). However, that’s not how it went, as it sometimes goes, and we can’t do anything about it.

‘Lie Like This’

As we’ve stated before, we love this one. ‘Lie Like This’ is all about the rollercoaster of emotion people in relationships experience. And it has a super upbeat tempo to match and make you dance around your room listening to the song.


We’re not crying, you are! Julia’s lyrics about just wanting to be happy after a series of relationship failures is all too relatable for many people. Just listening to the song can bring tears to our eyes.


‘Body’ is probably one of the saddest songs on this list because it’s not about a relationship with somebody else. It’s about an unhealthy relationship with yourself. In this song, Julia Michaels voices the criticisms so many of us make to our own appearance, and the moments we miss out on because of them. And sad as it is, it also reminds us that we should love ourselves.

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Featured Image Source: Miranda McDonald, via Julia Michaels’ Instagram

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