Bree Runway Heats It Up For The New Season!

Bree Runway Heats It Up For The New Season!

Is your life currently dull and boring? Tired of rainy days? We may have the fix for you, or well, Bree Runway has the fix for you! Her brand new single ‘Hot Hot’ is lighting up the bad times and bringing some heat while uplifting our moods.

It’s hot in here!

It’s really hot in here! Bree Runway brings plenty of swag and seductive vibes not only in the music video but everywhere. She even made a TikTok wearing our bad gal Rihanna lingerie line and begging her to be in the next Savage x Fenty show. We just pray for this to come true sometime soon! Who’s with us?

Old school swag

Bree Runway is a beautiful model, but she can also deliver some bars! On ‘Hot Hot’ she samples legendary rapper Busta Rhymes to perfection. Fresh from her experience with Missy Elliot on the previous track ‘ATM,’ the lyrics drip like honey, sticking to our brain. We can’t stop humming the chorus and feeling self-confident! “You think you hot hot//You ain’t got it like me/
Don’t lie, baby, tell the truth/You think you what what?/All eyes on me, what you see is so incredible
.” We’ll for sure be dancing along to the track in our rooms! You’re on fire Bree!

Image source: Cover Artwork-Vassou

Feel the heat!

She raps like a queen, and she also has the moves! The Moon Willis produced track, ‘Hot Hot’ burns the dancefloor and is gearing us up for the warmer sunny days. Get your freak on and get ready to be obsessed with the choreography. Think of a mix of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion all in one! Fashionable, racy, and addictive!

You can download or find where to stream ‘Hot Hot’ by Bree Runway, here. Or you can dig deeper and listen to her sparkling previous EP 2000AND4EVA here. Just a warning, this will become a complete addiction!

Missy elliot
Image source: TENOR gifs

Fuel your imagination

Do you love Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The music video brings some animation bits, very similar to what you would see in the movie, making the mv even more interesting. Throughout the video, Bree Runway seduces the guy in the car with her dancing until the man in the car combust and crashes down. That’s all we’ll say because you need to watch it. Watch the stunning visuals below.

Summer is coming, and ‘Hot Hot’ is setting up to bring the heat to summer! What did you think about the track? Tell us in the comments down below. Tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP or write to us on Facebook and Instagram.

Want some more grooves? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: Vassou

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