3 Jasiah Singles to prepare for WAR

3 Jasiah Singles to prepare for WAR

Jasiah burst onto the rap scene and quickly established himself as one of the loudest, most aggressive artists out there. With a blend of rap, grunge, and screamo similar to XXXTENTACION, Jasiah still set himself apart. Using his unique sampling and innovative features, Jasiah carved a name for himself in the southern rap scene. His newest EP, WAR, shows why he brings the hype. With features from both Rico Nasty and Pouya, you already know he’s getting the heat on this one. So, in celebration of his new EP, we picked out 3 of our favorite singles over the past years.


Of course, ‘Crisis’ is the first song that we would choose. It bangs, and it’s the song that launched Jasiah into stardom. On the first listen, many people will think to themselves, “why does that intro sound familiar.” And that’s because it’s lifted from the Cartoon Network TV Show Courage the Cowardly Dog. To us, that’s what sampling is all about. To take something and reorganize it in a completely different context. During this, Jasiah showcases his intense delivery (our favorite thing about him is that he trained as an opera singer). He manages to vocally compete with the blown-out bass, creating a mental song.


Jasiah’s ability to blend genres is on full display in ‘Heartbreak.’ Meaning that the song is mostly grunge, with some rap elements, which creates a very raw and intimate sound for the first half of the song. Meanwhile, the feature in this song? Travis Barker? As in the drummer for Blink 182? That’s awesome! Although Travis Barker is no stranger when it comes to working with rap artists, the high energy crashes he brings on the second half of this track solidifies this song as one of Jasiah’s best. In addition to the feature, it’s rad how ‘Heartbreak’ begins as a ballad with a soft melodic guitar, but concludes as a grungey headbanger. In conclusion, it shows that while Jasiah is known for his hype music, he has the ability to make mellower-sounding songs as well.

‘Surf’s up’

What could be more fun than Dick Dale sampled in a rap song, really? Misirlou is completely transformed into an entirely different song. Probably Jasiah’s most creative use of a sample paired with the hilarious lyrics “surf’s up here come the beach boys,” resulting in one of our favorite tracks. His latest EP, WAR, is packed with rad samples and sick features.

What do you think about these songs? Are you excited for War to come out? Let us know by tweeting us @THEHONEYPOP. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Credit: courtesy of Brian Sommer

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