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Emily Weisband Released Her Newest EP And We Can Hardly Believe It’s Here

Emily Weisband Released Her Newest EP And We Can Hardly Believe It’s Here

Emily Weisband is an artist we’ve fallen in love with throughout the last several months. She has this unique ability to be so honest with her music that is truly hard to come by. We have cried to her music, deeply related to her music, and just all in all found an artist we will be forever stans of.

Emily is kicking off April with a bang! She’s dropping her EP, I Call It Being Human, and we can hardly wait to dive in. Her last EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye is still a favorite that we listen to constantly- both the OG version and stripped

You can stream I Call It Being Human here!

Track One: ‘New Salt’

Image Source: Chris Ashlee

We feel this track all too deeply. From the moment we first heard ‘New Salt‘ we knew it would be a song that we crowned as one of Emily’s best. ‘New Salt’ is Emily Weisband pouring out all her emotions about an ex coming back into her life and pouring “new salt” in an old wound.

So many of us have that one ex that just always reappears- be that on a drunk night or after a breakup of their own. So many of the lyrics hit like a semi-truck. “Why do pretty words make it so hard to remember you’re selfish?” is just too real. It’s a concept Emily Weisband explores a bit in ‘Dumber’ when she says, “But you sound a lot like him tonight.” Those moments where someone you know is toxic shows a flash of why it was so hard to leave them in the first place is a tough place to be.

Track Two: ‘Psychopath’

Image Source: Warner Records

We can’t stress enough how much of a next-level songwriter Emily Weisband is. She just gets human emotions in a way that’s so rare and continues to blow us away. ‘Psychopath’ is a dark alt detour from the previous track ‘New Salt.’ Dealing with a partner moving on is a complicated process. You deal with the feeling of relief and of sadness that you’re no longer the person who holds that place in their life.

As Emily Weisband says in this song, of course, she’s sad she’s not a ‘Psychopath.’ Emily does the best job at putting all these intense emotions we feel like the pro she is. We’ve had this track on repeat since its release. We do not see that changing anytime soon, and with how good this EP is so far, we have a feeling this whole EP will be on repeat. 

Track Three: ‘Love 2 Hard’ Feat. Tauren Wells

Image Source: Emily Weisband Via Instagram

As the only collaboration on this EP, ‘Love 2 Hard’ has made quite the impression. Emily Weisband sounds incredible! Her vocals are really shining here. Tauren Wells has such a beautiful voice as well, and we can’t wait to dive headfirst into everything they’ve ever done. Hearing the beautiful blend of these two voices just took this song up another level for us. Especially with this being the first collaboration we’ve heard from Emily.

The message of the song is something else we can’t let pass us by. It’s a message we all need to be screaming from the mountain tops. We all need to ‘Love 2 Hard,’ it’s always better to feel things too deeply than be numb to the world. Based on Emily’s songwriting alone, we know she feels things on a level similar to us. She has her heart on her sleeve and has this wordsmith ability we could only dream about. We hope to see more collaborations like this one in the future!

Track Four: ‘Loved’

Image Source: Joelle Grace

This is such a vulnerable track. It’s stripped back to just Emily Weisband on the piano, which as we saw in her previous stripped EP, is somewhere she shines. All any of us want at the end of the day is to be ‘Loved.’ This song can just hit you right at your core. It’s such a shared human experience to search for that acceptance. And we have to talk about that line “then there’s me I’m a risk,” it made us gasp because it was such a punch in the gut.

These are the emotions all the best ballads evoke, though. They evoke the feeling of not believing these thoughts were put into words so seamlessly when you’ve never been able to quite figure out how to express them. Emily’s voice on this track is so powerful, while also being so soft and delicate. Her tone adds to the overall vulnerable feel of this track. We can’t believe how good this EP is- we’re shook. 

Track Five: ‘Indie Movie Zoomout Moment’

Image Source: Emily Weisband Via Twitter

We can hardly believe it’s the end of the EP. This has been such an incredible musical journey and has just made us even bigger Emily Weisband stans. Now, onto this last track! We are going to need this to be put on a coming of age soundtrack immediately. It only makes sense and would so perfectly meta.

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This track is reflecting on people from your hometown, where they are now, and who they’re with- and we just can’t get enough. The sound of the track is larger than life and feels like it was meant to fill a venue. We are looking forward to brighter days ahead when we can see this masterpiece live.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of I Call It Being Human? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Chris Ashlee

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