REI AMI Shows She’s A Creative Chameleon With ‘That’s On You!’

REI AMI Shows She’s A Creative Chameleon With ‘That’s On You!’

Let’s go back in time and remember our days tripping on Sailor Moon. Mars or Mercury? That is the question for the geeks like us. Sassy but delicate and soft? Why not the best of both worlds as Hannah Montana sings? Inspired by both, our discovery of the week, REI AMI is all the sweet and sour you need in your life! She snaps on the new hooking single ‘That’s On You!’

From One Parallel Universe To Another

‘That’s On You!’ is that kind of mysterious song that you don’t know what to expect from one bridge to another. Starting on with a poetic dream, REI AMI skips times with raw hip-hop bars, then goes on an R&B vibe- mellow and romantic. Eclectic, you say? More like a huge blend of creativity, and we are so eager to know more of her different musical universes.

Rei Ami
Image source: Elinor Kry

Obsessive Eccentricity

She can hop from one genre to another so flawlessly, making her style peculiar, original, and infectious. From rap to ‘Make It Mine’ to dream vibes on ‘do it right’ by dark-pop infused ‘Dictator,’ the Los-Angeles-based singer is exploiting her versatile influences to the max! Her strategy? Catching our attention, not knowing what we can expect in a less than three minutes track, keeping us intrigued. We tell you we’re obsessed massively with these unconventional musical arrangements.

The Strength Of It All

If you don’t like me, baby, that’s on you,” blast REI AMI at the beginning of ‘That’s On You!’ In all confidence, she let go of everything, telling everyone she knows what she wants. Nobody will make us change, will they? We are who we are, sometimes needing a “break like a Kit Kat.” The overall message: just stick to your values and beliefs, the rest is up to the others.

Live Like A Chameleon

REI AMI brings a vintage aesthetic to most of her videos. Inspired by many aspects, she goes through a comic book, Kill Bill Tarantino-infused imagery in the new ‘That’s On You!’ visual. She’s the bad girl, the hero that has nothing to lose. She then turns in these psychedelic, lonely errands showing her two sides: being the strong fighting woman, but at the same time, she’s got feelings. Love the unexpected? Stream or buy ‘That’s On You!’ here while waiting for her new mixtape later this year.

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Featured Image Source: Elinor Kry

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