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We Can’t Escape The Webs Of Hoshi’s ‘Spider’

We Can’t Escape The Webs Of Hoshi’s ‘Spider’

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We all know by now how talented Hoshi is, but every time he shares his talent with us, he seems to continue to get better and better! With Hoshi’s newest release aka his mixtape, ‘Spider,’ it just proves our point! From the moment ‘Spider’ was announced, till its release,it honestly hit us like bricks; it was all of a sudden and we still aren’t processing that it’s actually here.

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First of all, can we talk about how this proves that Hoshi is an all-rounder? Because come on, there is no doubt after anyone sees and hears ‘Spider,’ that they would ever question his endless talent. From his vocals to the choreo, ‘Spider’ has been stuck on a loop. There’s no slow down in it. Especially in the music video, there’s literally so much happening at once.

Right from the beginning with that oh-so catchy beat that gets stuck in your head, we all knew we were in for something amazing. Hoshi’s vocals really shine and those who aren’t really familiar with his voice can now hear it in all its glory. And the lyrics are so good and helps give us that image of what exactly he is singing about. Plus the choreography is just wow. With the way the MV is shot, it makes the choreo and performance seem more alive, intense, and in your face, so we applaud them for that. It’s really hard for us to pick a favorite part from it, but we might have to go with when Hoshi and the rest of the dancers are doing mannerisms like a spider, such as him hanging upside down. You can check out the MV down below, which we highly recommend.

Okay, so in honor of Hoshi and his release of ‘Spider’ we thought, we would put together for you some of our fave Hoshi, showing off his talent, moments. Also known as moments we couldn’t take our eyes off of Hoshi whether it’s in a solo performance, with a subunit, or the whole group. Or his masterful choreography. So, while on your break from streaming the track, sit back and enjoy.

‘Lilili Yabbay’

This one is kind of self-explanatory, the performance team really killed it here (as usual). With probably one of their best choreos and performances, it really sticks out. It helps showcase all of their talents and teamwork (and Hoshi’s parts).

‘Don’t Wanna Cry’

Probably one of SEVENTEEN’s most intricate choreography, Hoshi had his hand in creating the choreo for the fan-favorite, ‘Don’t Wanna Cry.’ It’s not just the small and fast movements, but also the emotion of it all that makes this dance so special. Plus it’s a very sad song that everyone pulled off so well. Everyone say, thank you Hoshi for this amazing dance.

‘Light A Flame’

‘Light a Flame’ is one of the group’s newer songs, off of their newest album Semicolon, and featured the 96′ line. The sound and choreo is very high-key sexy, which is kind of different if you’ve only seen the mv’s for title tracks. Because it isn’t just one part, it’s the whole song. And even though there are four of SVT, plus the backup dancers, all eyes are drawn to Hoshi.

‘Fallin’ Flower’

‘Fallin’ Flower’ all in all, is such an iconic song and when performed live is as beautiful as the MV. But what immediately stood out to us and Carats, was Hoshi and The8’s duet, you know where they are chained together. It’s an intimate moment and also the small contemporary part they put into it, was lovely and makes the song more dramatic.  


We know, you’ve been waiting for a ‘Fearless’ stage, because who hasn’t. This performance of ‘Fearless’ really set the bar. It opens up with a beautiful solo by Hoshi, which is why we had to include it here. He gets his own time to shine and show off his talents and what better way and song than with ‘Fearless.’ His charisma really sets up exactly how strong the performance is going to be.

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Yes, there are so many more instances to choose from and include, but we’re stopping before we get carried away. So Carats and non-Carats alike, what did you think of ‘Spider?’ Are you excited to see more Solo releases from Hoshi? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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