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Let’s Talk All Our Favorite Bailey Bryan Songs

Let’s Talk All Our Favorite Bailey Bryan Songs

Bailey Bryans album cover for 'Fresh Start'
Image Source: Bailey Bryan via Instagram

Bailey Bryan has racked up quite the discography. Every single song of hers is expertly written, it’s like a page ripped out of one of our diaries. She understands emotions in such an incredible way that we are always amazed when we see them.

Bailey Bryan has announced that on May 7th she will be releasing her project Fresh Start. Fresh Start is a compilation project that is the result of Bailey’s song-a-month rollout plan. You can pre-save it here!

We simply can’t wait to listen to this project from front to back. Even though we’ve already heard almost all of these tracks, we know that listening to the project as a whole will be an entirely new thing. In celebration of Fresh Start and ‘Temporary,’ we are going to gush all about our favorite tracks from the singer!


girl in white tank and ripped jeans
Image Source: Acacia Evans

‘Temporary’ has a bit more of a dark-pop sound than a lot of Bailey Bryan’s other work. But make no mistake, we are 100% here for it. It’s very much so mood music. You just want to vibe to it. It’s going to create some perfect contrast on Fresh Start to have ‘Temporary’ on the tracklist.

It’s always such a blow when you’re really in it with someone and come to the realization that it’s ‘Temporary.’ That as Bailey Bryan puts it “Soon as it gets too real, we’re gonna sabotage this.” It seems like Bailey addresses in this track how you choose to stay in this situation anyways because at that moment it’s good. It’s always incredible how Bailey Bryan seems to be able to put situations into words that we consistently struggle with figuring out how to describe.

Even though this track is her newest release we can tell it’s one we are going to be playing constantly.

You can stream it here!


girl in cropped white tee with blue background
Image Source: Emma Golden

‘Roster’ came out in 2020 and somehow we are still listening to it daily. It just has the most badass energy and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Bailey Bryan showed her hand with what a wordsmith she is with this one. The video that goes hand in hand with ‘Roster’ is a violet dreamscape. It’s one of our all-time favorite videos of Bailey’s exhibiting her skill and matching the tone perfectly.

We’ve always loved the line “If I can’t have all of you, I’ll just go find an imposter.” It’s the ultimate power move to make it clear if the other person wants to act up in a relationship that you will move on. It might not always be so easy to do so, but it will make it clear that you know you’re worth and won’t stand for anyone who doesn’t. We will forever keep this energy with us and hope Bailey does the same.

‘Play W/ Me’

girl with a pink background
Image Source: Grace Rivera

This is probably going to be on our top 5 listened-to songs of the year, while it came out in 2020 we are pretty sure we’ve listened to ‘Play W/ Me’ every day so far in 2021. It has so much boss energy that we can’t help but emulate it. The concept of “you play yourself when you play with me” is exactly right!

A theme throughout Bailey’s music is self-worth, and it’s so refreshing. She has her more vulnerable songs, but then there are these pockets of anthems that we love just as much as those more vulnerable tracks.

The line “feeling like a bitch slap, ever seen a bitch snap?” is beyond genius. This whole song is a snap, so it wraps it all up perfectly. Every time we listen, we find something new we love.


girl with a beanie and t-shirt
Image Source: Catherine Powell

Every single time we hear this track, we cry. It’s raw and you can tell that it means so much to Bailey. It’s a complete look into how Bailey has been treated in the past and how that makes her overthink every future relationship. And girl, same.

Everything about this track just feels like she was inside our heads when she wrote it. It’s that relatable yet somehow so personal. We still get can’t over the line “Like I know I’m really not ready now to meet my last
But you could be my last
.” Like you have to be so in love to come to this realization especially when you’re as guarded with your heart as we can tell Bailey is.

Aside from the music, the video is just as incredible. It shows all the emotions that are evoked in the lyrics perfectly.

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‘Don’t Call Me’

girl in a bathtub
Image Source: Acacia Evans

This song is just so much fun. ‘Don’t Call Me’ is such a bright breakup track and the only vibes we are trying to have after a relationship. It’s very much in line with the energy Bailey Bryan has had throughout so many of our favorite tracks.

It acts as an open letter to an ex that has decided after the relationship has ended, that it’s finally time to be affectionate. It’s a common theme sadly with toxic relationships and it’s so important to realize the toxicity and get out of that situation.

We think truly if we had to pick one song of Bailey’s to show someone it would be ‘Don’t Call Me’ as it’s a compilation of all the things Bailey Bryan does best. It’s vulnerable and raw but also has that bad-ass energy we talk too much about.

If you loved these tracks be sure to remember to check out Fresh Start on May 7th!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite Bailey Bryan song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more fresh tunes? We’ve got you covered.


Featured Image Source: Acacia Evans

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