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Say ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ To Everyone’s Favorite Artist, Wes Nelson

Say ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ To Everyone’s Favorite Artist, Wes Nelson

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Are you a big consumer of reality TV shows? Addicted to Love Island and of course X-Factor back in the days? Maybe you know the newcomer we’ll be talking about already! Now into music production, watch out for Wes Nelson because you will be addicted to his new banger ‘Nice To Meet Ya.’ At first, we thought it was a Niall Horan cover when we saw the title, but all we have to say is that prepare yourself to enter a different musical universe on this original song featuring Yxng Bane.

Let’s move with swag!

‘Nice To Meet Ya’ is that kind of song that just makes us move unconsciously. Hips swinging, staccato, and world music chilling vibes. Wes Nelson works hard to forge a solid career in the world of soul and grime in the UK and beyond. The beats with such a rich texture, smoothly help bring in a seducing, big luxury style. From Dior to Cartier and Chanel, just jump on the love boat, no strings attached, and have some fun! “Let me take you places in the world you ain’t never been” charms the Newcastle rapper. There you go! Put on the best of your bling and become Wes Nelson.

Image Source: TENOR

The magic touch!

The addition of Yxng Bane on ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ is the best decision Wes Nelson could have ever made. Bane gained so much experience remixing Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit, working with Craig David, even performed ‘Familiar’ with Liam Payne at BBC Radio One Live Lounge. Now it pays off on this fire collaboration single, bringing the magic touch. In an echoed reverb falsetto, Yxng Bane has this little hook of a melody we can’t stop humming to, no matter what we are doing. It’s mindblowing!

Wes  Nelson
Image source: Wes Nelson via Instagram

Let’s get some fun!

Wes Nelson is a natural entertainer. There are no surprises, he knows how to click with the audience. The visuals for ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ bops into fun and rich clichés. It’s filled with a lot of colorful textures, plus what else can we say about that Edward Scissorhands wink around the first-minute corner? Watch the blissful cute and friendly neighborhood-inspired video below.

It’s only the start of a brilliant career for Wes Nelson. Gaining lots of interest from various communities, his first single ‘See Nobody’ went right to the top! Championed by actor Idris Elba, boxer Anthony Joshua, fellow rapper Chip, and many more. Nelson gives a new piece of breath to the R’n’B / UK rap sound and we jam over and over to these flourishing rhythmics.

Download or stream ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ from here!

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