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COIN Took Us On An Outer Space Voyage!

COIN Took Us On An Outer Space Voyage!

Do you have your travel gear at the ready? Cause COIN is taking us on an outer space voyage with their new music video for their song ‘Earth to God.’

Last March, the band released their latest EP Green Blue + Indigo Violet, and we have been blessed with each masterpiece of music videos. Songs such as ‘Sagittarius Superstar (feat. Faye Webster),’ ‘You Are the Traffic,’ ‘Sort It Out,’ ‘Make It Stop,’ and this month with their newest music video for ‘Earth to God’ has taken us inside the band´s minds.

The new single is a retro indie nostalgic song talking about the fear of missing out and trying to connect with people we lost communication. It is something we are feeling a lot during the pandemic, showing once again that COIN has found a way to say what we couldn’t explain we were feeling.

It´s an iCOINic music video!

The music video for the fourth song on their album ‘Earth to God’ has shown us everything we didn’t know we were missing in our lives. The aesthetic used is something we can´t get over. The 80s retro vibe used in the video has taken us to travel around their minds‘ galaxy with the incredible designs and colors that you can appreciate throughout the video. The way they play with some iconic images from the 80s aesthetic is something we love. The video starts with Chase Lawrence in a small room trying to get in touch with someone. He then takes us along on his trip on a boat around space.

The way the feeling of just being in the world and how the band travels around space is the perfect combo to express what we are feeling at the time we listen to the song. COIN continues to impress with their stunning visuals and creative minds. They never disappoint.

If you haven´t watched the video, what are you waiting for?

Rainbow Mix Feelings

Without a doubt, after watching the video, we are obsessed with COIN´s latest single and with everything they are releasing, making us want more from the band! Green Blue + Indigo Violet is just the start of a series of mixtapes the band is preparing for us. In addition to this EP, COIN is releasing a series of EPs with different styles titled Rainbow Mixtape. Prepare to change the way you see music into a colorful sight.

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Tell us what you think about the ‘Earth to God’ music video in the comments, are you digging it as much as we are? Don’t forget to share with us what are you most excited about their ongoing project Rainbow Mixtape, on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image: David O’Donohue

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