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Episode 3 Of Queen The Greatest Is Here And We Have To Talk About Some Things

Episode 3 Of Queen The Greatest Is Here And We Have To Talk About Some Things

queen the greatest episode 3

We are here once again to talk about Queen! Specifically, their new YouTube series, Queen The Greatest, all about the band’s most significant achievements over their 50 years of history. Episode 1 was about ‘Keep Yourself Alive,’ their first big hit. Episode 2 was about them selling out The Rainbow. And now, Episode 3 told the tale of one of the band’s best-known songs: ‘Killer Queen.’

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Firstly, we’d like to say that the episode is excellent. It highlighted how important this song was to them and why it is seen as the turning point of their career. Seeing the story behind the recording, how Brian May was sick during part of the process, and the massive success the band was not expecting was amazing! And shout out to whoever decided to include that bit at the end about 5SOS‘ cover of the song in 2018 (we loved to see it!).

Since this is only episode three, there are still a whole lot of moments to cover. We decided to make a list of times when Queen made history that we’d love to see covered in Queen The Greatest.

Live Aid

This obviously has to be on the list. The Live Aid concert was a big deal by itself. But the fact that Queen was one of the acts there, and how big a deal it was for the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, truly makes us want to see that through the Queen The Greatest lens.

Rock In Rio 1985

Again, Rock In Rio is a big festival on its own, but here’s the thing: part of the reason it is as significant today as it was the first edition’s line-up back in 1985. And one of the biggest acts of that line-up was Queen! One of their most iconic moments ever is the moment they sang ‘Love Of My Life’ on that stage, and the crowd sings it back to them word by word.

The Making Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

There is no question that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is the most groundbreaking song in recent history. It’s been covered so many times by so many artists, and even those who aren’t necessarily Queen fans know it. Can you imagine having a whole video on how it came to be? At this point, it’s not a want. It’s a need!

‘I Want To Break Free’

The song by itself would be enough for this to be on the list, but the video’s history just makes it even better. As briefly mentioned in Bohemian Rhapsody, the music video for ‘I Want To Break Free’ was banned from MTV in the States because all four band members were in drag. Don’t tell us you don’t want to see that story in more detail.

‘Another One Bites The Dust’

This is one of those songs everyone should take a moment to appreciate whenever we have the chance. Written by John Deacon, it ended up as Queen’s most successful single in the US. And here’s the funny part: it wasn’t even supposed to be a single in the first place. The band chose to make it one after Michael Jackson suggested it.

‘Under Pressure’

There is no way we wouldn’t talk about one of the most memorable collaborations in rock history. Queen + David Bowie = Absolute perfection. And that shows in both popularity and numbers. It was Queen’s first number one in the UK since ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ and it is one of their greatest hits to this day.

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So, do you agree with our picks? What other Queen moments would you like to see in Queen The Greatest? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook if you want to find us there!

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Featured Image Source: David Bailey for Band Aid Trust via Queen’s official Instagram.

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