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Junior Varsity debuts their cold blooded new single!

Junior Varsity debuts their cold blooded new single!

We all need a collective release in these tough times and music is one of the obvious remedies. Air guitars, grunge dirty sounds, and punk vibes are the best way to liberate ourselves! And why not do that while discovering new upcoming acts at the same time? LA-based Junior Varsity is that duet! Heavy rock is winning again and it’s thanks to ‘Cold Blood’ their debut single!

Back To The 90s!

Remember the times when Twitter didn’t exist to share our music passions? When there were no social media, and we had to make ourselves cassette mixtapes or burn some CDs? Who never hummed “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire” from ‘Fire Water Burn,’ or got on a skateboard and listened to Limp Bizkit’ Nookie,’ maybe a singalong to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ from Wheatus? Why not bring back these fond memories? Junior Varsity has, playing up the provocative and energetic images in our minds.

A Metaphoric Monster

The harsh guitars hang onto us like a leech, the melody twisting into a metaphoric monster. If you are borderline into metalcore sounds (like the first Sleeping With Sirens album) with a bit of rap and slow-paced riffs, the debut track from Junior Varsity ‘Cold Blood’ is for you. On the single, expect lots of blues bang like early Royal Blood. How are we not supposed to fall in love with the vintage lo-fi sound aesthetic? Violently honest, the lyrics from the duet expose a gritty reality, the paranoia of being alone and having our fears kicking in. Just a quick piece of advice though, this song is not for chaste and innocent ears. 

No Fear!

There was talk as the Hollywood sign was transformed from the usual to with a cow on the ‘O.’ The animal is omnipresent in the Junior Varsity video, seeing people trespassing on a farm. The video also opens to someone running and on fire as a shirtless man climbs the Hollywood sign. The boys are fearless. That’s all we have to say! Watch the visuals at your own risks here.

You’re in love with it, right? Just be quick and grab your digital copy or stream from your phone or any devices here! Have something to say? Don’t be shy to tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or on Facebook or Instagram.

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