NUUXS Travels to Space on New Single ‘Starship’

NUUXS Travels to Space on New Single ‘Starship’

Do you ever dream of traveling to space someday? Use your imagination, relax and enjoy the stunning new single from London-based singer NUUXS. Is there life on Mars? Let’s prepare and embark on the ‘Starship’ for a brand new musical adventure!

Explore & Chill!

Exploring many layers of styles, NUUXS goes from electro to power ballads and indie guitars and strings. Her new single ‘Starship’ is that delicate mix that makes us chill and dance simultaneously. We climb aboard a journey full of soothing energy and retro vibes the singer earned from her folks’ music taste. And we can relate because who wouldn’t want to give some blast to the past to beloved classics?

Image source: Bucks Music Group

Atmospheric Tones

Are you addicted to intricate lyricism and heartbreaking inspired tracks? You will fall instantly for this one. “Exhale, you fly, a thousand miles in the air,” NUUXS starts with her angelic voice, transcending the atmosphere. Like a mirror reflecting different perspectives, there is always a way to begin again in new life paths. “Tell me what to do and help me see it through,” she chants in the dreamy chorus. It’s such an escape with her celestial resonating ambiance. Her voice is our distraction, playing with it in some artful manner and delivering some infectious hooks.


‘Starship’ tastes like honey, believe us when we say that. We can’t stop listening to it and crave for more! Fans of London Grammar, keep your ears open. The melodies from NUUXS will make you shiver and groove. You find the whole package on the ‘Starship’ single, and we expect some more hazy notes on the forthcoming album Heirloom due later this year. NUUXS’s new single suits the concept so well. It’s a song that can go from one generation to the other and never get old. A pure bop! Listen or download the track here!

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Goldun Egg Records

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